Thanks, but no shotgun is needed

I've always found it rather amusing when people tell fathers of pretty daughters, 'Oh you better keep your shotgun loaded!' - referring to, of course, that the daughter(s) would have many gentleman callers.

Whenever I hear this suggested to my Dad, I must admit, I sometimes laugh - or smile (depends on who's saying it).  Because to me it gives an air of 'You need to protect her from all the guys', when in my case, I rarely feel that would be needed.

No, not because I don't have guys interested in me, or because I'm a she-man and can handle anything that's thrown my way (although I try to).  And definitely not because I don't want my Dad's protection.  But simply because he raised me well.  And having strong, true, godly men in my life, I know firsthand what a real man should be.

With that being said, I don't need my Dad standing in front, behind or next to me with a loaded shotgun (seriously, what's that going to do anyway?) whenever a guy comes a-callin'.  I know what I need and want.

I get that it's a joke.  I mean, the only fathers I know of who ever legitimately had a shotgun across their lap whenever a boy came calling were back in the olden days when they were protecting their daughters from casanovas and hardcore troublemakers (not that there aren't those types around today).  But it's really not that funny anymore.  I don't get why people can't see and understand that girls nowadays should be raised by a father who has a decent head on his shoulders and shows his daughter what a real man is so she can expect no less of a suitor.  And if a girl doesn't have a good dad, then at least a fatherly figure should be somewhere close at hand.

My Dad raised me with sound judgement and wisdom.  And he knows that I wouldn't be friends with a guy - let alone interested in one! - who treated me anything less than a lady should be treated.  And I sure wouldn't bring home and introduce any to him that I wasn't 100% confident in knowing is a gentleman.  My Dad trusts me, my judgement, the fact that I trust and respect myself, and knows that I know that he loves me and only wants what's best for me.  Because my Dad has set standards that I view as good and decent, I won't give a guy the time of day if he can't meet them.

I'm thankful that my Dad raised me to know and trust myself.  And no matter how much or how often he lets me make my own decisions and choose my own paths, he is always there for me if and when I need him.  Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I'll never seek his counsel or advice.  Far from it!  But he raised me well and right so that when I became an adult, I had standards.  I knew how I deserve to be treated.  Not only as his daughter, but as a daughter of Him.

But heck, I'll take a shotgun.


  1. Hehe, I really like this post! Especially that last line. :)

    Maybe it's just my rebelliousness, but I never really liked the "shotgun" remark. Like you said - I hope I'd be wise enough myself to know when to steer clear of certain guys without needing anyone to step in with a shotgun in hand! But at the same time I'm very glad my dad is there to protect me, too.

  2. Hehe, my father says this to me all the time.

    I love this post Raquel. Shotguns, Dads and future spouses...yeah it fits very well for me. But what I got out of this is that Trust is the most valuable thing here and fathers should have full confidence in their daughters to choose the right guy who'll be right them. Thanks for this post :)