Music Monday | Artist: The Gray Havens

A couple weeks ago, a friend commanded recommended that I get a free song by a band called The Gray Havens.  Sure, I love free music.  And new bands.

Well, I ended up getting a lot more than just that one song.

And they've been on repeat the last few days.


David and Licia Radford are a husband-wife duo hailing from Illinois.  Their narrative-pop-folk style is one that I am not immediately attracted to nor would be my first choice of music to listen to throughout the day.  But there's just something about the perfect blend of storyline lyrics and catchy folk music that really nabbed me.  "Fairly simple but insanely catchy with magnificent melodies."  Their voices complement each other so well, and the guitar, mandolin, and other chosen instruments are haunting, yet pleasant.

Their name was inspired from 'the Grey Havens' in Return of the King, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  It is the name of the harbor from which some of the main characters sail from towards the Undying Lands.  (So nerdy, it's amazing.  Plus, I love the color gray.)

When my friend first introduced me to them, he told me that their songs 'sounded like something C.S. Lewis would write.  And doesn't it just make you want to go read Narnia??'

He was right.

After downloading and listening to 'Far Kingdom', all I could picture in my mind was a scene from Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

There is a far, far kingdom
There at the end of the sea
Where they know my name
And until that far, far kingdom
Calls me home
Oh, my soul, I will wait...

This song is definitely a favorite of mine.  Haven't you noticed that the first song you hear by a new artist, will always have a special place in your heart?  Well yeah, that's 'Far Kingdom' for me.  A couple other favorites are 'Gray Flowers' and 'Silver'.

I am always looking for new music.  And what I look for in new music is not only good lyrics and appealing tunes, but that the song, in whole, catches my attention and soul.  The Gray Havens have wiggled their way into my list of Most Played songs this week.  And I have been able to listen to them in almost every mood I've been in - which is definitely points for them haha

I am hoping to get an interview with these talented people for next week's Music Monday, so stay tuned.

Official Website: The Gray Havens
Twitter: @grayhavensmusic
Facebook: The Gray Havens

You can get their free song download HERE, or purchase their album (released on Jan. 6, 2015) HERE.

Oh and for any coffee lovers out there, The Gray Havens have their own coffee blend now.  No joke.  Kind of rad.  Just click the photo to the right to be taken to their coffee club website.


  1. New music! Honestly, I've heard so many people raving about these guys of late, I've gotta jump in. * pounces on links *

  2. Raquel, I am forever in your debt!!! I have fallen in love with The Grey Havens in the past 24 hours! Oh man, they are so good. Their songs... wow. "Grey Flowers" is my favourite. :D

  3. Well I am officially sold by their name. How nerdy and wonderful!!!! Youtube, here I come.

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings