Music Monday | Song: Everything by Lifehouse

When I was in Peru, my team and I did a drama skit to the song Everything by Lifehouse.

Thanks to that, every time I hear this song now, I can only think of Peru.  And the message behind the song.  And the message behind our skit.  It is so powerful.

Performed by Lifehouse
Written by Jason Wade

How can I stand here with You, 

And not be moved by You? 
Would You tell me 
How could it be 
Any better than this? 

This part of the song is my favorite.  It's one of those awestruck questions, you know?  It describes one of those moments when God's hand and power are so evident and you're just like 'How can this NOT overwhelm me?'  It's phrased as a question, yes, but more to ourselves than to Him.  How can WE not be moved by Him?  

My team and I filmed the skit we did but the quality isn't very good.  So I'll leave you with a link to the same skit but done by a different group.


I also signed up for the 30-day Christian music only Challenge.  Has anyone ever done that before?  This is the first time for me.

Have a great start to your week!


  1. How neat! This is one of my favorite songs (with the skit). My husband has gone on several mission trips and they always do this skit several times. So special and meaningful!!

  2. I saw this skit at Gleanings this year; so powerful and beautiful! It brought me to tears.

  3. I've performed in this skit before -- it's a wonderful message. Love it :)

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