Everyday Blessings // 29

I haven't done an Everyday Blessings post since December?!  That's horrible...

>> Peru
>> having pictures to look at, remembering my time in Peru
>> being asked to become an author on Bravery and Jordan Kranda
>> green tea macchiatos
>> movies with friends
>> having a Valentine this year
>> my job
>> helping make someone's birthday special
>> Taco Bell
>> my 'Wild and Scenic Oregon' calendar (at work)
>> my Benedict Cumberbatch calendar (at home)
>> a new custom-made jewelry box (it's purple)
>> Young Living oils diffuser
>> when a coworker buys me Kombucha
>> buy one, get one free DVD sales
>> late nights with special people
>> music jamming
>> meeting with a coworker for breakfast
>> when people make an effort to get to know you
>> honesty


Story behind the photo:

It was such a beautiful, sunny, and warm Monday this last week. Honestly, it was a little difficult to be in the office at the computer all day. But before I got off work, I decided that I would go on a hike when I got home. And I felt like God was telling me 'Yes, my daughter, I want you to come spend time with Me, surrounded by the nature I created'. As I was hiking, the sun was beginning to set. The sky directly above me was dark, but once I reached the top of the hill, this horizon greeted me. My Daddy had painted such a beautiful sunset for me. I felt so overwhelmed with His love.  And yes, that photo is a #nofilter.

'How many years
Did You plan this moment here
To show me
How You love me
It's like I'm seeing for the first time
Like You opened my eyes
To show me
Everything I've missed before.'
- Britt Nicole


  1. Aw, what a sweet post! Looks like you had a lot of fun everyday blessings. Congrats on your new contributor gigs. :)

    Oh, and great song lyrics. That's one of my favorites.

  2. I love the story behind the photo. :) I feel like those are when my Daddy reaches and gives me a huge hug and I just embrace back.