How much am I worth?

I recently had to report on a beauty pageant that took place in a nearby town.  As I was reviewing the details, my eyes fell on the total amount put into the event, for scholarships and awards.  It was the grand total of $6,500.

The first thought I had was: 'How many more profitable things could that money have been put into...'

The second was:  'Just what kind of message are we getting across to all these girls who are in a competition based on their looks.'

This saddened me.

Today's world bases so much of approval and recognition on physical beauty.  So much so that there are prizes and money for 'beauty'.

Now I won't pretend that I know a ton about beauty pageants, nor am I criticizing those who have participated in them.  I am questioning them though.

What is the purpose?  How do they affect the ones involved?  And what kind of legacy is being left?

From what I can see, beauty pageants are allowing - and encouraging - young girls to think that they have to be beautiful.  That they have to meet a standard set unrealistically high.  They must meet this height, this weight requirement, this size, have these kind of boobs, these kind of lips, these kind of legs, this kind of body.  Girls, and women alike, are paraded before a panel of judges to be surveyed and rated on their overall attractiveness.  And are expected to conduct themselves in a way as to please the audience.  Talk about being objectified!

It's natural to enjoy looking at beauty and attractiveness, but our culture has made us believe that the rate of a woman's sexual attractiveness is determined by others.  And this can - and will cause - major problems.  Not only health wise, but social, physical, and mental problems as well.  If a beautiful girl enters a contest and doesn't win, she will start to consider herself ugly, too skinny, fat, and who knows what else.  Why?  All because a few insignificant people judged and decided that she isn't beautiful enough.  Enough.

I'm sure we all know of at least one girl who considers herself unattractive and has increased dieting, has eating disorders, and/or their self-esteem is very low.  And that's without a denial slip from beauty pageant judges.  That's just everyday life for them.

Girls have enough pressure on them as it is - to be beautiful, to look sexy, to look appealing.  And they will either grow up feeling ugly or will always try to be 'more beautiful'.  Or...they'll turn into mean, snobby, goody-two-shoes who think that because they've been told they're beautiful or because they have won a beauty contest, it means they're perfect.

Simply put, beauty pageants are harmful, degrading and sexist.  They turn girls and women into objects, not treasures.  Something to be used and admired and played with, not a human being who deserves respect regardless of their looks.  

So just because a female is thin and fit and measures up to a certain look makes them beautiful?  What about the women who are thicker, have larger curves, and are considered 'heavy-set'?  A woman OR man can be either kind or mean, sweet or evil.  Someone who isn't physically attractive can have a beautiful soul.  And someone who is attractive on the outside, can have an ugly soul.  Either WILL reflect onto their outward appearance.

Every girl, every woman is worth so much more than a 'Yes' or 'No' at a contest rated on their physical appearance.  Beauty pageants are only skin deep.


  1. So sadly true. Brilliant insight, Raquel.

    1. Indeed, a very sad truth. Thanks for commenting, girl:)