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I don't remember how I was introduced to Mars Meusic.  It was probably one of those late nights where I was looking for good cover artists on YouTube.  And when I found him, I was instantly a fan.  He not only plays about a billion instruments - and plays them well - but he also has an incredible voice.  Definitely a favorite.  Oh and he has dreadlocks.  AND his name is kind of legit.

I'm always looking for new artists and musicians who I can support and introduce friends to.  Plus it helps expand the fanship so that's always cool.

Mars is very unique.  He has a one of a kind sound and brings his own style to every song he covers.  I can't wait for his EP to come out.

Mars agreed to letting me interview him, and I was pretty stoked.  He's a really great guy.  Very humble, incredibly talented, and texted me in Spanish so that was an automatic point.  I was very privileged (and excited!) to interview him and I hope you enjoy his answers.

I'm including my favorites of his covers throughout this post...

1.  Let’s start off with something simple.  Tell us about how you got started in music.
There was always music in and around the houses where I grew up.  Maternal Grandpa played 
some Flamenco guitar and Paternal Grandpa loved Jazz.  Parents both messed with music but I 
think the biggest thing was how much emphasis and respect my family had for art and the 
support I’ve always had towards a music career. 

2.  What instruments do you play and did you take lessons or teach yourself?  What is your favorite to play/perform with?
I play violin, guitar, piano, and kit - although by no means would I consider myself a drummer.  That’s 
helped me understand how to produce instrumentals from scratch; it’s an amazing thing to 
build a song from the sounds and rhythms you hear in your heart and soul.  I take pride in that! 
For instruments, I started violin when I was 8, guitar and drums at 13, and piano and audio 
production at 14.  Background in all these instruments individually bring different musical 
perspectives to my sound.

3.  Have you ever taken voice lessons?
I was in high school choir with a really great vocal instructor that had a actually been an opera 
singer.  He really helped me understand how to blend with a group which I was unfamiliar with.  When you make beats and rap or sing on them, you tend to use your voice as a solo instrument 
out front.  That helped me understand a different dynamic to music and that individuals can blend 
together to really shine as a collective sound. #SquadUp 

4.  Can you share with us who some of your first and current inspirations were/are?
Early influences were Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, as well as rock records like Van Halen and Queen my mom or dad played.  My next door neighbors were from LA and had me listening to 
NWA/Snoop/West Coast back in preschool days as well.  It all combines in some crazy 
conglomeration that makes my music present itself in an interesting way! 

5.  Who are some artists/bands you’d enjoy performing or collabing with?
I’ve enjoyed collaborating with local artists including Skool’d, BenReal Verse World, MakeUp, 
BenJamin, StickMonster, Marq C from the block.  Zeaphy and Rob Sheppard from Des Moines!  A 
lot of great talent here in Iowa.  Also loved working with MarksRecords from Canada on some 
YouTube covers and French Dose from Paris super sick original collabs coming your way and Tres 
Mortimer from Chicago on point! 

6.  Which was one of your favorite songs to cover?
I’d have to say Love Never Felt So Good was a great time.  Funny thing is, it was such an 
impromptu cover as well.  MJ will always be a favorite. 

7.  How many originals have you written?
300, but I’m a perfectionist.  Although the number could be higher after having had produced for 
10 years, each and every song has something real to say and I’ve put my soul into each record.  I 
feel like you can hear it.

8.  What are your goals with your music?  
My goals are to become a internationally touring recording artist.  I’d love to see the world and 
share my music with them; culture is beautiful! 

9.  What has been one of the greatest blessings about performing and having a following for your music?
My fans are amazing.  Them buying the music, coping the merch, coming out to shows to 
support.  I wouldn’t be anything without my fans so they are my biggest blessing.

10.   Have you thought about trying out for any big shows – i.e. The Voice, American Idol, etc?
I actually tried out for The Voice, made it through all the auditions as an alternate in 2011.  Didn’t 
end up getting the call.  I feel like it turned out for the best though; their fine print is crazy.  For a 
writer/producer, their contracts are super constricting as they own the rights to your likeness, 
image, and music throughout the remainder of the universe at time of signing - although I think all 
that is renegotiated later.  Super platform for exposure but more so as a performer than as a 
performer/songwriter/producer, in my opinion.

11.  Do you have any projects currently in the works?
My EP is almost finalized and looking at time to drop in early March; I’m super proud of it and 
have a couple sick music videos by Malakai Creative shot in Phoenix, AZ to support the first 
singles!  My debut album is underway as well.  We recorded 3 songs for it when I was at 
Atlantic studios in NYC.

12.  Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Hopefully touring the world and collaborating with my music heroes.  Would love to collab with 
Daft Punk, Slash, Amr Diab, or Stevie - that would make my life! 

13.  If you had to choose, what would be one word that could sum up who you are and what music is to you?
Martian, because it’s out of this world. ;) 

14.  What is some advice and encouragement you would give to any budding musicians?  Or to ones who have continually run into roadblocks in their path to becoming recording artists?
Stick with it.  Consistency is one of the most overlooked ingredients to success. Not everything you 
put out will be your greatest hit but if you keep swinging, one is bound to hit great and that’s all 

Official Website: http://www.MarsMeusic.com
Twitter: @marsmeusic
Vine: @marsmeusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/marsmeusic

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