Before You Make A Decision About Fifty Shades of Grey...

"There is nothing new under the sun..."

Not even erotica.

It's just a newer and more modern outlet for sin.

This weekend the movie based on the novel, titled 'Fifty Shades of Grey', will be releasing in theaters across the country.  It is the story about a college graduate named Anastasia who is enraptured by a smart, rich, intimidating guy, Christian Grey.  She signs two contracts - one is an agreement forbidding her to tell anyone of anything she and Christian do together, and the other is one that allows him to have a dominance/submissive relationship with her.  No love is mentioned.  No commitment is required.
Christian goes on to supply Ana with luscious and extravagant gifts (he's a billionaire 'boyfriend' so he can afford literally anything).  She starts getting a little nervous about having a potential sexual relationship with Christian, though, that is not stemmed from a romance.  So she avoids him.  But, they get back together again (how surprising)...something else happens and Ana realizes that the two of them aren't compatible...so she leaves him...blah blah blah.  (It's an ill-written story, to be honest.)

Surprised?  I wasn't.  Disappointed?  Yup.  We live in a messed up world so I'm rarely surprised by new horrors.  But the more I hear of them, the more angry and frustrated I become that...well, that the world is just getting worse.  You know what's worse than that though?  Knowing that even some professing Christians are defending this trash.  Erotica and torture porn are being disguised as a fairytale love story.  And we're applauding it?

Not only are the women saying "yes" to it, but now the poor guys in the world are believing that this is what women want.  They're watching women all around them embrace signing contracts instead of covenants, wanting to be used instead of loved, wanting to be sexually aroused through actions that women say 'no' to.  Because apparently, "no" doesn't really mean "no" anymore.

To quote a fellow blogger, Lauren DeMoss, "We have now crossed a dangerous line in our society that cannot be erased.  A dangerous line - and any woman in a society that freely accepts pedophilia, rape, and abuse as 'sexy' should be scared for themselves and scared for their children."  There's nothing normal about it.  There is nothing romantic and wooing about a man guy who tells a virgin girl that he's attracted to her and wants to do unspeakable things to her, but wait!  Here.  Sign this contract that forbids you from telling anyone about what I do to you.

Excuse me?

What happened to romance and pursuing and earning and winning?  Not someone's body, but their heart, their soul.  What is so sexy about a guy telling you he's attracted to you but doesn't want a romantic relationship because he just wants you for sexual pleasure?

I have not only heard from married women that they want to read/watch Fifty Shades of Grey to help in arousing flare to their marriages, but I've also heard girlfriends who are wanting to try to spice up their relationships with their boyfriends by...what exactly?  You all already know my stance on saving oneself for marriage (and I stand solidly on what Scripture says about sexual purity), so what I'm curious to know is why a girl would want to 'spice' up her relationship if it'd only be a temptation that would surely lead to more?  I'm looking at the professing believers here.  What the heck are you thinking?  You tell that boyfriend of yours to bring you a ring and set a date and I promise you things will spice up pretty quick.  You won't need Christian Grey to help, or suggest, or advise anything.  And why would you want to have images of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele having sex together floating through your head when you're alone with your man?  (Not to mention they're both super unattractive actors...)  

"But Raquel, I don't have a boyfriend," you may say.

Then what are you doing reading/watching - or even thinking about reading/watching - something that has been classified as erotic fiction?  You think God is honored by that?  You think He considers that 'okay'?

"You have heard that it was said, 'You shall not commit adultery'.  But I say to you that anyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
- Matthew 5:27-28

The same is true for a woman looking at - or reading about! - a man.  Let's turn the tables here for a second.  Would you have a problem with knowing your man looks at porn?  Then how do you think he'll like the fact that you read and watch erotic books and films?   And fantasize over a [super] fictional guy who he could never be like?   

And seriously, married people?  You want to read a book that tells you about arousal and sexual experience?  Song of Solomon is literally the best.

What Fifty Shades of Grey teaches is all opposite of what God says is right.  Where Fifty Shades endorses BDSM and sex fueled by pain and humiliation, God commands that sex be an act of love and selflessness.  Where Fifty Shades endorses dissatisfaction because c'mon, you want your man to be filthy rich and buy you everything you could desire and have a room just for sex, God says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil and coveting is a sin.  Where Fifty Shades endorses women to pursue a man guy even though she's confused by his actions, doesn't understand his intentions, and he's a "troubled human because of his past" (but I mean, he's Christian Grey.  He does no wrong.), God says a man must treat a woman with gentleness, honor and respect, and to love her the way Christ loves the church.  Which would you choose?  

So you tell me.  Why shouldn't you read or watch Fifty Shades of Grey?


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  1. I just have to say how amazed I am right now !!!
    Someone posted blogs on facebook, I read it and was very impressed ! So I Googled you lol good old google :) brought me to here.
    I love how much passion you have for God as you can clearly hear in your writting.
    How strong you are !!! To not just stand UP and OUT in a world that not only would dissagree, but probably mock you for your thoughts and beliefs !!
    To stand up for what's right and true !! Where so many things in this world people have tried to make grey * enclusing that movie/book * God's world is still very clear on what's good and true. You are pushing people outside there comfort zone and showing them that we should still stand up for what's good and holy even if it's not what's popular.
    it's refreshing and inspiring to read you Work !! It always great to read that you aren't alone in this world that there are other christain all over the place that are as amazing as you are !!!
    Keep on doing what your doing !!! I can only amagine all the lives you are touching :)
    God bless you and everything your doing :)