Everyday Blessings // 30

>> brand new MacBook (named her Skeeter)
>> leggings...new leggings... (one pair is pictured above)
>> pay checks
>> baby sunflowers sprouting
>> interviewing a favorite singer (it'll be up on Monday)
>> inspiration
>> surprises
>> the sudden burst of writing ideas that come after a writer's block
>> long drives in late evening
>> less than a month till my birthday (I'm turning 20...twenty...two-when-tee...oh gosh...)
>> rocking out to music in the office with my coworkers
>> guest posting
>> when a friend drives...for a while...just to see me
>> giveaways on Instagram (or just giveaways in general)
>> being included
>> reconnecting with old friends
>> people making an effort to get to know you
>> exploring


Since the purchase of my new MacBook, I have had an idea tugging on my brain: Vlogs.  What do my readers think of me acting upon this idea?  What would you like to see videos of?  Speaking/sharing, answering questions, tutorials (on who knows what...), Everyday Blessings posts (but verbally!)??  Let me know your thoughts and ideas!  I'll have a poll up soon.  And I'll be asking this on Facebook too.


  1. I, for one, find you to be very personable, so I would like to see and hear you pontificate on this and that. :)

  2. Hey Raquel! Great blessings there! Inspiring too! :) Say, do you any ideas for adventures that a single girl can do and still have a good time while glorifying God? anything from your past experiences?
    BTW, I think your idea of Vlogs sounds purty neat! Go for it! ;)

  3. Raquel, I love these kinds of posts! When I see how thankful you are over the little beautiful things in life and how much joy they bring you, it inspires me to think twice about my own life and remember all of the good things God has given me. I've started making similar posts on my blog to try and spread the love. God bless! <3

    a vapor in the wind

  4. These are always so sweet, Raquel. Yay for new computers. :)