Music Monday | Interview with David Dunn

I first came across David's music when I was searching for David Archuleta.  I guess it's the first name.

David Dunn quickly became a favorite and is now in my Top 5 favorite Christian male solo artists.  He's an amazing musician, has a great and easy-to-listen-to voice, and most of all, his love and passion for the LORD comes through his songs so beautifully.

I have all his tracks, and can't wait till he comes out with more albums.

1. Let’s start off with something simple.  Tell us about how you got started in music.

I got into music when sports ended my sophmore year of college.  I transferred from Montana back to my home state and music naturally filled the time hole that sports left.

2. What instruments do you play and did you take lessons or teach yourself?  What is your favorite to play/perform with?

I play keys and guitar well, and I can fake my way through a banjo.  I can play a few other instruments SUPER poorly.  The only time I ever took lessons was when I was a kid.  My mom signed me up for violin lessons…and now I can play 'Mississippi Hotdog' like a pro.

'So we sing
Some kind of melody
To praise the King
Greater than everything
We sing out
And we sing loud
To keep the rocks from crying out...'

3. Have you ever taken voice lessons?

I have! When I was a senior in high school, I took a year of traditional vocal lessons.  Learned techniques that I still use to this day, and a fierce love for the English language (because I was made to sing in not-english all the time. Miserable.)

4. Can you share with us who some of your first and current inspirations were/are?

I mean, there are just a million.  I’m inspired by emotional vocalists, amazing songwriters, and out of the box creativity.  A few examples – Coldplay, Damian Rice, James Morrison, Phil Wickham, Imogene Heap.

5. Who are some artists/bands you’d enjoy performing or collabing with?

I’ll stick with the list up above.

6. How many originals have you written?

I have an entire computer FULL of them…so no idea.  For the last project, I wrote almost 50 songs.

7. What are your goals with your music? 

To tell the truth, and tell it beautifully.

'I wanna wanna love You
But I don't understand
Why my heart is a traitor
I love what I can't stand
I wanna wanna follow 
All that You've ever said
But my heart is a traitor
I wanna be free of this
Can you break me free of this?'

8. What has been one of the greatest blessings about performing and having a following for your music?

The fact that I have a music career because people pay attention to what I’m doing is a blessing.  It's crazy that people care enough about what I'm trying to do to pay attention and get involved.  I’m overwhelmed by that on the reg.

9. Have you tried out for any big shows – i.e. The Voice, American Idol, etc?

I was on season 2 of The Voice.

10. Do you have any projects currently in the works?

Yup!  Just finished a new project that is DYNAMITE.  It’ll be released sometime in the summer.
11. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In the mirror.

12. If you had to choose, what would be one word that could sum up who you are and what music is to you?


13. What is some advice and encouragement you would give to any budding musicians?  Or to ones who have continually run into roadblocks in their path to becoming recording artists?

Music is like anything else in the world that people want to be good at.  It’s a skill.  And to be able to be proficient at your skill, you have to practice.  ALL THE TIME.  Practice your instrument, practice singing, practice writing songs, practice performing.  PRACTICE.


Official website: http://daviddunnmusic.com
Facebook page: David Dunn
Instagram: @davidtdunn 
Twitter: @davidtdunn
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dunagon84 

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  1. Great post Raquel, I enjoyed reading the interview! Thanks for sharing his music, I liked the video!! :)