Music Monday | Cities In Silence

A lot of you have been wondering and asking about the band, WonderFall, that I announced I was in last year (can't believe it was so long ago...).  I am sad to say that, as of right now, the idea for that group has dissolved, as certain band members weren't making it a priority and we just weren't getting anywhere with producing music, etc.

God opened another door for me, though, and I am so happy, pleased and proud to announce that I have been asked to be the female vocalist in a band started by my friend Justin, called 'Cities In Silence'.

Yesterday was our first official performance altogether.  

A few weeks ago, I had to interview a local retiring pastor for the newspaper I work for.  After the interview, he was asking me questions about my passions and hobbies.  I mentioned to him that I sing for a band.  He asked that we come perform at the church on his last Sunday preaching there.

Yesterday was that Sunday.

And instead of just performing the two songs we had originally planned for, we ended up helping lead the entire worship time.

It was beyond amazing.  Very humbling.  And very encouraging.

We've been asked to come back and play on near future Sundays.  And of course we said 'yes'.

I can't wait for whatever God has planned for our future together as a group.

We'll be working on putting some music up soon.  For right now, though, feel free to like our Facebook band page: Cities In Silence.


  1. I look forward to seeing you guys do amazing things! I pray God blesses you in all you do.