31 Ways To Know If He [Really] Likes You

1.  As much as you know that he likes you, he still puts God first and makes it clear that He is more important than you.

2.  He doesn't have a preconceived idea of a 'perfect woman' or have ridiculously high levels that a woman must meet before he decides to pursue her.

3.  He sees you as an equal, a partner, a helpmate but this doesn't mean he doesn't also make it a priority to keep you safe, make you feel protected, and care for you, body and soul.  He asks for your opinion, advice, and even help in certain situations.

4.  He's not afraid to make a commitment to you and let you know exactly what he's looking for.

5.  He not only wants to get to know you better but also your family, your relatives, your close friends, your church...

6.  ...and you see that he doesn't discard those around him because of his 'busy schedule', especially ones he views as family.

7.  He knows that being strong, independent, capable, and self-reliant doesn't make you any less feminine, but rather, he's attracted to you because of these attributes.

8.  He wants you to be successful in whatever you enjoy doing.

9.  Even if he doesn't have the same interests as you, he'll still do things with you because he knows they make you happy or they're important to you.  And he'll actually make an effort to enjoy them.

10.  Like every human, there will be times where you'll be frustrated with him, and he with you.  But he knows how to control his temper and deal with problems rationally - whether that means to address them right away or hold off and give you some thinking/cooling off space.

11.  Scrubbing the toilet, taking out the garbage, or mucking out your horse's stall may not be necessarily romantic, but he does it because he knows it makes your life easier and happier.

12.  He makes you feel good about yourself, confident and beautiful no matter how you think you look.  He is most attracted to you when you feel the most comfortable in your own skin - whether that be while you're dressed up, in sweats, when wear your hair loose or never wear makeup.  Oh and he thinks you're just as beautiful in the morning as at any other time of day.

13.  He is willing to be humble, own up to when he has been wrong, and apologize.  But even if he wasn't wrong, he will attempt to not argue and make both of you more angry, but instead will have self-control and know when to be silent and when to speak.  And if the situation turns out the way he said it would, he won't rub it in your face.

14.  He will call you out when you're in the wrong, and not let you get away with whatever you want to.

15.  He remembers things about you, your life, your past.  He may not have an incredible memory, but you're important enough to him that he makes it a point to study and learn about who you are.

16.  He treats you as a human soul and body, not as a disposable object.

17.  He asks you genuine questions because he's curious and sincere about who you are and what you have to say.

18.  He also wants you to meet his family, but doesn't push you to get to know them (that's on you).

19.  He will admit his flaws and admit yours.  But love will always be stronger than the short-comings.  

20.  He knows that there is a time to cry.

21.  He asks you what you are ultimately hoping to accomplish and achieve in life, and waits to hear if your plans can revolves around his or not.  He doesn't automatically assume that you will have to do what he plans on doing.

22.  He talks about his future and slowly but surely shares his dreams and goals with you.  If he doesn't, he may not have any.  And if he doesn't have any, what are you doing with him?  A man without vision is a man who isn't a leader. 

23.  He doesn't freak out and feel ignored or that you 'like him less' when you need space or choose to spend time with your family and friends instead of him.  Of course you should always make time for him, but there needs to be a healthy balance.

24.  You always feel that you can approach him about life situations, circumstances you're facing, challenges at work, drama with friends and he will always be there.  He offers to listen, offers advice, encourages you and makes you feel and know that he's always going to be someone who cares about you.

25.  If he can enjoy himself with just being with you, whether that means running boring errands, listening to music, joining in when you and your girl friends want to watch a chic flick and he'll cuddle up with you, he'll love it just because he's there with you.

26.  When you're apart, he sends you little reminders that he's thinking of you and that you're on his mind.

27.  He includes you in his circle of best friends.  A man who's crazy about you will show it by showing you off.  If he plans hang out times with his buddies around his dates with you, it's for reals.

28.  Of course showing and telling are two different things, but if he can tell you how much he likes you, how crazy he is about you, or the things he loves about who you are, listen up.  Take his word for it.  Trust that he is only saying it because he means it.

29.  You're well aware that there are other girls out there who are pretty, and that he thinks are attractive.  But he never lets you feel doubt in your own beauty and makes you feel like the most gorgeous human on the planet.  Not only on the inside, but he loves your heart more than your body.

30.  He talks to all women with respect, regardless of their position in life, their age or their occupation.

31.  When you look at him, you can not only see but feel a connection of love, admiration and respect that you have never had with any other man.

'Be with someone who treats you like a destination, not a stop along the way.'


This post was originally published by Raquel on Brave.


  1. Beautiful post Raquel! Thanks for this :)

  2. I loved all of these. Espcially 3, 7, 12. I'm not sure how to find this person though, or how this person might find you. Great post as always. :)

  3. How would you feel about making a post, "31 ways to know she [really] likes you" ?

  4. I loved this!! i'm getting married this summer, and was just nodding along, "mmhmm...mmhmm.." the whole time reading it :)


  5. You are a Christian who listens to Eminem, Justin Bieber and Adele?

    All of these people are going to hell fire? do you want to go there with them? I am assuming "no" is the answer.

    So then stop being of the "world" by listening to their crap and spend your time listening to classical and godly music.

    1. First of all, God is the only one to judge the heart of an individual so it is NOT your place to say that any of those artists are going to hell.

      Secondly, please read my article on the topic of secular music here: