5 Eye-Roll Worthy Things You Should Never Say To Me

1)  I'm bored.
There is literally ALWAYS something you can be doing.  If you're not making an effort to find those things, chances are you're in your parents' basement, playing video games.  Don't give me the 'I'm bored' scenario.

2)  Life sucks.
Really?  REALLY?..................You suck.

3)  I'm ugly.
Stop it.  No you aren't.  God doesn't make ugly things.

4)  It's never my fault.
Oh suuuure.  A person who can't own up to their mistakes and admit that they COULD, in fact, be wrong...you probably won't only get an eye-roll from me, but probably an honest opinion.

5)  My family is weird.
Whose family isn't?  C'mon, people, everyone has a family - or at LEAST one family member - who is ridiculous and weird, but they're still your family.  Love them.  And stop talking bad about them to your friends, or to me.

Okay, that felt good.  Just needed to get that off my chest.

Oh and this is my first post using gifs... Does this make me an official blog nerd?

Okay, I'm done.


What about you?  What are some things people have said to you that just make you roll those eyes?


  1. "No, I won't sing (or dance or play piano or whatever) for you, I'm terrible at it!" Well, if you get up and play in church, or sing in choir, then you're obviously not.

    That one bugs the heck out of me.

    Molly Marie

  2. Gifs are amazing tools to get your feelings across...and they're usually hilarious!

  3. my bestie and I have decided that we're the weird ones in our families. :) All of these gifs were perfect. But especially Julie Andrew's because I am totally partial to her. ;)

  4. I love gifs and all of these are bang on. Props for the use of two Tom Hiddleston gifs :)

  5. Ah the Gifs make the posts so animated. I love it!

  6. Bonus points for the gif usage! But wow, agreed. Esp "it's never my fault" because I know this guy who will NEVER admit he made a mistake, even when almost everyone agrees he did. It's so tempting to eye-roll.

  7. Hehe, I had to look up what Gif's stood 4, but hey, i like 'em! ;) Certainly like the Julie Andrew's one and Psych one too! Yep, they're hilarious! ;) Keep the blog posts coming!

  8. Tom HIddleston gifs. oh yessssss. XD But no, really. "Im Bored" Is one of the worst things you could say to me. >:|

  9. Cute GIFs and post. Gotta' love some of those silly excuses we make for ourselves. ;)