Everyday Blessings // 32

>> baby bunnies (his name is Luca)
>> The Avengers: Age of Ultron
>> discount days at coffee shops
>> band practice, band meetings, band performances
>> sleeping with my window open at night
>> string cheese
>> wearing shorts for the first time this year
>> long weekends
>> being free to communicate something with someone that you've been waiting for the right moment to tell them
>> sleeping with heat pads
>> new tea flavors
>> waiting with expectancy
>> short work days
>> pay checks
>> morning talks with Mama
>> hanging out with couples who don't make you feel like a third-wheel
>> sweet potato chips
>> warm days
>> rainy days


How has your month of May begun?


  1. Love these "everyday blessings" Fun to see what others enjoy in life! ;)

  2. These posts are always SO cute, Raquel. I love your everyday blessings. There are so many great, simple things to give thanks for. Glad you have such a fun list. :)

    Happy June! :)