Everyday Blessings // 33

I am sorry for the sad lack of posts this week.  A lot has happened.
One of the biggest preventions/distractions from being able to write this last week is because of a car accident I was in on Wednesday morning.  I was rear-ended by a Dodge Ram while in a full-stop at a red light.  She was driving about 35 mph.
I went to the ER and got x-rays done.  They came through with negative on breaks and fractures (thank God).  I do have intense bruising and soft tissue though.  My lower back is pretty banged up, and my neck is really painful when moved in certain directions.  But I am praising God that the accident and injuries weren't worse.  I have chiropractor appointments scheduled for the next couple of weeks.  Please keep me in your prayers on my road to recovery.  And thank you to all who have been doing so already:)

Here are my blessings for this week...

>> life
>> family and friends who care
>> getting a bouquet of tulips delivered to my doorstep
>> a friend stopping by with chocolate and tea
>> a special person coming over three times this week to be with me
>> watching Pitch Perfect
>> recording an original (Cities In Silence is about to blow your world)
>> $1 Dutch drinks at a new Dutch location
>> HeyLets (a new app that is a new fave of mine)
>> this blog post
>> a new do
>> pizza, friends, and parks
>> napping in the sun
>> long weekends
>> snuggling with my bunny
>> spontaneous trips to Safeway to buy comfort food
>> planning trips for the summer
>> taking the first steps towards something big...


What are some recent blessings you've had in your life?


  1. Will be praying for your recovery sis :)

  2. Oh no! I'm glad you're okay. I am praying for you! Thank you for linking my post. You have been such a huge blessing to me through your posts. That's amazing you are so thankful for these blessing while going through such a time!

  3. So sorry about the accident! But I'm glad your injuries aren't worse, and will be praying for your quick recovery. I had a similar experience last summer, (I was in the passenger seat though,) and messed up my neck. Pretty much, it's straight now instead of curved properly. It meant chiropractor visits a couple times a week for four months. So I understand what you're dealing with right now. :)

    I really wish we had a Dutch Bro's near us. :)

  4. Praise God for your life sis. All will be well x

  5. So sorry to hear about your car wreck. That's awful, but I'm very happy it was nothing serious. Still, even some bruising can be brutal, especially on your neck, so stay rested and feel better soon!

  6. Hope you're fully recovered now, Raquel. Or well on your way. Glad it wasn't more serious.