40 Thoughts Of a Writer [On a Daily Basis]

1.  *yawn* "Okay, let me get my tea/coffee and then grab my laptop."

2.  "I need to find a quiet, comfy spot to sit and write..."

3.  "I guess my bed will do."

4.  *opens laptop, immediately opens Facebook*  "Oh look, someone else is engaged."

5.  "Okay, okay, Microsoft Word where are you?"

6.  "Should I work on something old or something new?"

7.  "What was that idea that I had last night before falling asleep?... Darn it."

8.  "Well I do have a bunch of draft ideas saved..."

9.  "Music.  I need music."

10.  *listens to same song 15 times in a row*

11.  "Actually...I don't need music."

12.  "Blah blah blah."

13.  "C'mon, fingers.  Type what my brain is thinking."

14.  "I wonder if there's an easier way to do this."


16.  "Okay, I got this."

17.  *stares at computer screen for a good 60 seconds*

18.  *slowly starts typing*

19.  First sentence.

20.  Second sentence.

21.  "There we go...  That's right.  Wait!" *backspace, backspace*

22.  "No more editing till I'm all finished writing."

23.  "Would somebody even read this?"

24.  "Stop being so critical.  You are your own worst critic."

25.  "Maybe I should take a break."

26.  "Where's that chocolate I've been saving?"

27.  *changes position on bed*

28.  "C'mon, brain, work with me here."

29.  *takes five-minute break*

30.  "Okay, let's finish this up..."

31.  *type, type, type*

32.  "YES!!  That last sentence was perfect.  Finished it with a bang...and a boom..."

33.  "Time to edit."

34.  "Okay, that's not too bad."

35.  "I need to get a second opinion on this."

36.  "On second thought, how about no?"

37.  "I think it looks good."

38.  *click Save As*

39.  "Aaaaaand we're out."

40.  "Wait...............that would be a good thing to write about..."


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Everyday Blessings // 35

>> Cities In Silence's first show went amazingly well (about 85+ people showed up!)
>> road trips (currently in Montana - who wants to meet up?)
>> quiet time
>> starting a new book (current read: 'To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain' by Matt Chandler)
>> celebrating Father's Day with my family and some extended family
>> organizing team details for next trip to Peru
>> Inside Out
>> finishing a study through 1 John, and counting 46 times in five chapters that the word 'love' is used
>> helping lead worship at a local church
>> finding out that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are going to star in a movie together. (Whaaaaat?)
>> watching The Fellowship of the Ring while writing this
>> Jurassic World
>> it's officially summer now
>> detox water
>> berry-picking with a friend
>> having the honor to write about the late Elisabeth Elliot
>> house-sitting
>> frozen Greek yogurt
>> seeing Mockingjay 2's trailer
>> Montana sky sunsets
>> looking forward to the 4th of July
>> having a chance at a really rad job (prayers are appreciated!)


As I previously stated, I am currently in Montana.  I am meeting up with some blog followers this weekend.  Let me know which ones of you live here and we can try setting up a date to meet.

Also, just to be aware, blogging may be a bit slow this and next week.  But I am needing a break from people and internet and am hoping that being in Montana will give me some refreshing inspiration.
Feel free to still comment and email me.  I am also updating my Instagram (@itsjustraquel) and Snapchat (@froyogalrzd).  So find me on there and follow along on my adventures!


15 Lies About Homeschoolers

Below is a list of lies about homeschoolers compiled by yours truly and a few other homeschoolers and fellow homeschool alumni...


And to any homeschoolers reading this: feel free to comment any that I missed!


1.  We're socially awkward.

2.  We don't have any friends.  And the few we do have are homeschooled too.

3.  We only know how to sing hymns.

4.  Girls never wear makeup and always wear long dresses.

5.  Guys grow (or try to grow) beards and always wear waist-high jeans with belts.

6.  We don't really do any school subjects.  Just a lot of reading.

7.  We don't do many things online.  We're usually outside working on the farm or with the farm animals.

8.  We eat super, duper healthy.

9.  We only watch G rated movies.

10.  We aren't aware of current events and don't get pop culture references.

11.  We never, ever, ever say bad words.

12.  We are not open-minded.

13.  We don't listen to anything but strictly labeled "Christian" music.  (Think Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, and Chris Tomlin)

14.  We always do school in our pajamas.

15.  We only drive 10+ passenger vans.

Nice to meet you.


16 Things You Need To Know About Dating a Girl Who Writes

You have to be willing to listen when we get excited about something, even if it doesn't make sense to you.
- Mirriam, 21

Don't be put off when we talk to ourselves.  We're just rehearsing dialogue.
- Candice, 25

We will try not to idealize you, but we will stumble.  And when you don't live up to the character we mistook you for, it will hurt.  Don't hold it against us.  Hold our hand and remind us that the real you is better.
- Bleah, 20

You better be a good reader, because you're going to end up proof-reading EVERYTHING.
- Tania, 19

We will probably try out 50 different variations of the same sentence on you and ask you which sounds better, even though you probably don't have a clue.
- Sierra, 16

1.  We do need our space.  This doesn't mean we don't want your presence, though.  Sometimes, we will have to focus on writing and reading, and we can't only put half-effort into that.

2.  If you talk to us while we're typing away, chances are we aren't listening.  Ask us to pause and listen to you.  If we're on a roll, we'll ask you to wait a few moments while we finish this paragraph, or this page, or this chapter.  This isn't always in the most gentle tone of voice but it's only because we're concentrating really hard and you may or may not have broken our train of thought.  Don't take it personally.  We still love you.

3.  We do want - and value - your opinion, but we need it gently.  Constructive criticism >>>> negative criticism.  Tell us your honest thoughts on what we share with you, but please be kind and realize that what you say has the potential to affect what we write for a really, really...really long time.

4.  We may be working on something, and then you call us.  We'll answer our phone because duh, it's you, but if we can't talk long, we'll tell you.  Or you could even ask "Hey am I interrupting anything?"  If you are, don't be offended when we say "Yeah, I was in the middle of writing something".  We just need to get back to our train of thought.  Offer to call us back later, or if it's crucial to talk about right away, communicate that kindly and we should will make time for you.

5.  We're easy to purchase gifts for.  Notebooks, journals?  Yes.  Pens?  Fabulous (we're always losing ours).  Earbuds?  Can't have too many of those.

6.  Speaking of notebooks, we always, always have at least one with us.

7.  Many times, we can be really bad at talking.  If we want to say something important, we might just write it down instead of speaking what we're thinking.

8.  If you happen to see internet history such as "how fast does a person bleed out", "how to remove bloodstains", or "the most popular cause of hallucinations" and other strange topics, don't worry.  It's just research.

9.  We would be perfectly content with a leisure Saturday of us writing and you watching your UFC fight.  Just remember to always keep physical touch between us.

10.  Inspiration can come in many different forms.  And we will verbalize it.  Again, it may not make sense to you, but at least be happy for us.

11.  Don't be offended when we correct your spelling or grammar.  It really does annoy us, okay?  And hey, we're helping you change for the better.

12.  We will probably read into things too much and too often.  However, this also means that we're very perceptive.  So just know that what you say, how you say it and your facial expressions will not go unnoticed.

13.  If we're writing a novel, we might get frustrated that our characters aren't doing what we want them to do.  We can't control them.  Or if we're writing a nonfiction, frustration will happen in the form of writer's block and lack of inspiration.  Just sympathize with us, okay?

14.  Even if you aren't the best writer in the world, chances are a girl who is a writer will be swept off her feet by a letter from her lover.  Words have such power.  And knowing who penned them makes them even more special and important.

15.  We people watch...a lot.  It might be a little creepy, but this is one sure way to get inspiration.

16.  As much as you may want to read our stuff, don't push us to show you.  Especially with personal writing (poetry, journals, etc.), it may take a bit of time to let you have a peek at it.  And even then, you may never get to read it.  This doesn't mean we don't trust you.  It's just the caution of vulnerability that we ask you to be sensitive to.


54 Reasons I Will [Not] Date You

Many of these CAN have exceptions, but for the most part, they don't.

Like... 99% of them don't.


I will not date you if you...

1.  Whine.  About anything.  Whining is not funny.  It's not cute.

2.  Talk too much about yourself and never ask me questions.

3.  Can't cook.  (And I'm not necessarily talking about all out gourmet chef style here - although I wouldn't complain about that - but just being able to follow a recipe and make it well.)

4.  Don't want to have babies.

5.  Do drugs.

6.  Or smoke.

7.  Or can't control your drinking habits.

8.  Gamble.

9.  Have no other hobbies besides playing video games.

10.  Argue.  (Especially with no valid reason.)

11.  Compare me to your ex-girlfriends.

12.  Act like sex is gross.

13.  Are "fine with where you're at in life".

14.  Can't take the role of leadership.

15.  Are utterly obsessed with immature things, to a point of I-theme-stuff-after-this.

16.  All you can talk about are cars.

17.  Ask me for nudes.

18.  Ignore me. (Whether you're one mile away or 8,000 miles away, whether you're home alone or hanging out with friends, if I can't count on you prioritizing me/us if I need you or we need to talk, then a relationship won't work.)

19.  Have bad grammar.

20.  Abbreviate a lot when you're texting.

21.  Won't/don't want to meet my family.

22.  Don't care about your family.

23.  Or don't want me to meet them.

24.  Say that you could live without music.

25.  Can't at least try to like some of the things I do.  (Or at least appreciate and be happy for me when I find joy in things.  Because I will do the same for you.)

26.  Picky about food.

27.  Get uncomfortable when talking about periods.

28.  Can't handle the sight of blood.

29.  Don't care about eating healthy.

30.  Don't want to travel.

31.  Are constantly on your phone.

32.  Are still in contact with your ex-girlfriends.

33.  Are constantly ogling girls in public.

34.  Don't realize your shortcomings and areas you need to work on. (I'm not saying you have to become a better person for me, but just know where you need to change for the better.)

35.  Think that the birth process is gross or weird.

36.  Can't have an intelligent and edifying conversation.

37.  Don't have phone etiquette.

38.  Don't treat all women equally and with respect, no matter where they're from, their lifestyle or their occupation.

39.  Don't have a good relationship with the women in your family.

40.  Cuss a lot.

41.  Don't drive responsibly.

42.  Don't have style.  (A nice fashion sense, okay?  At least know how to put on a tie.)

43.  Talk obsessively about your workout schedule.

44.  Don't have a career in mind or that you aren't currently pursuing.

45.  Constantly complain about your job.  (If you don't like it, get another one.)

46.  Care more about the opinions of people on social medias, than in reality.

47.  Don't give me space.  Yes.  S p a c e.

48.  Are some whacked out control freak who will question my every reason for not replying to your text within ten minutes of you sending it to me.  (I've had this before.  No thanks.)

49.  Constantly beg for compliments.  (Whether verbally or the I'm-going-to-be-silent-until-you-say-something-nice-about-me)

50.  Don't have a healthy measure of self-confidence and self-esteem.

51.  If you are clingy.

52.  If you act like we're already dating and tell me that I can or can't do this and that.

53.  If you don't love Jesus, you ain't even in my sights.

54.  If you don't trust me.

    To The Man I Marry: I Can't Wait To Love You

    Hey handsome,

    I'm in love with you.

    And it's crazy cuz I'm not even married to you yet.

    I just know that you're the love of my life and I want to grow old with you.  And I am so in love with you already.

    Just knowing that you're out there, learning, growing, becoming the man I need...and one day, we're going to come together and commit to a covenantal marriage...and be together forever.  Like, how amazing is that?  I can't wait.  And even now, I am so in love with you.

    Is that weird?  To be so emotional and crazy about someone you aren't even married to yet?  Because honestly, I would marry you tomorrow if I could.  I am so in love with who you are.  The shortcomings, the failures, the past you've been through - nothing can change this incredible feeling and sense of affection that I have welling up inside of me.  I know that I will be able to accept and love you for who you are because 1) I know God's love for me, and I can only love you because of it and 2) I am full of imperfections and shortcomings too but I know you'll love me just the same.  Thank you, in advance, for all the ways you will love on me and cherish me.  I need that.  I want to feel that.  I want to be the woman of your dreams, as much as I know that you'll be the man of mine because I am so in love with you already.

    Let me tell you something...
    Once you have me, you'll have all of me.  My whole self - heart, body, emotions.  Every piece of me will belong to you.  And where you go, I will go.  I want you to know and understand this because this is literally the most important and greatest thing I will ever be able to give you - my trust.  Why? Because of my great and passionate love for you.  And I know you will take good care of me.  I know you will treasure my heart and be honored to be the man to protect it.  I would never settle for less than that.  And I know you would never want me to.  I am so in love with you, even now.

    Dearest, darling, I know our life together won't be easy.  We'll have arguments, and heated discussions.  We'll have disagreements and sometimes need to walk away from each other to get some 'cooling off space'.  We'll make mistakes.  Oh but baby, we'll work through everything together.  Because we'll have such a focus on being in love with each other that nothing can come in the way of that.  Knowing the kind of love we're going to share, and the life we'll have together, makes me brave enough to face anything.  And I choose you.  To spend the rest of my life with.  And I trust that you will care enough for me that you won't let stupid little things come between us.  I am so in love with you for that already.

    I am so excited for everything that is to come!  Can you imagine?  Getting to spend the rest of our lives together?  Never having to be apart?  Living together, sleeping together, waking up and kissing your lips in the morning.  How crazy amazing will that be?  And we'll learn about each other's quirks and facial expressions and tones of voices and the way we show our emotions.  I can't wait to study you.  And learn everything that makes you tick.  We're going to travel, and try new foods, go skinny dipping near waterfalls, have laughing fits, and sleep under the stars in an open field.  Go to concerts, come home at 2 a.m., and fall asleep wrapped in each other's arms.  We'll sing in the car together, play sports together, watch each other's favorite movie - and make an effort to enjoy it because we know the other loves it.  We'll encourage each other everyday.  Strive to help the other reach their goals.  Babe, I am so in love with you already.

    I can't wait for that moment you propose to me.  And I'll decide that I really do love your last name and I really would like to marry you and have sleepovers together for the rest of our lives.

    I can't wait to write our own vows and read them to each other, slip a ring on your finger and you put one on mine, and we say 'I do', and then you kiss me like you've never kissed me before...right there in front of a room full of people we love...

    I can't wait to love you ferociously, to love you with a love that I think will be the greatest in the world, even though there are other couples out there loving just as hard as we will love each other.  But ours will be a different kind of love.  Because it will be ours.

    I can't wait to spend forever with you, babe.

    Gosh, I am so in love with you already.

    And last but not least, I can't wait to love you...as my husband.

    Your future best friend for life, forever and always, with all my heart and soul, your wife, the mother of your children,

    ~ Raquel

    P.S. You're so handsome.


    Yes, I'm Judging You

    judge [juhj]

    verb (used with object), judged, judging.
    • to pass legal judgement on; pass sentence on (a person)
    • to hear evidence or legal arguments in (a case) in order to pass judgement
    • to form a judgment or opinion of; decide upon critically
    • to decide or settle authoritatively

    "Judge not so that you not be judged.  For with the judgement you pronounce, you also will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.  Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

    - Matthew 7:1-3


    Church denominations are constantly at each other's throat.  People always say how they feel the church 'judges' them.  And out of the 2,590,316 Facebook discussions I've seen between Christians, only 2 of them were decent and civil and mature.

    Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.  But maybe not.

    My point is, I'm tired of the constant negativity that I see in and between church members.  And also, I hear so much from unbelievers that professing Christians are always so judgmental of/towards them

    And it's really starting to tick me off.

    The church should be the safest place to discuss anything.  Christians should be the safest people to talk to about things.  We should be setting an example to, not only unbelievers, but fellow Christian siblings. 

    As believers, we are called to confront fellow believers – and if they are in the wrong, they should desire and accept our admonishment because we're doing it out of a loving and caring brotherly love.  That is biblical.  Otherwise, I don’t know what you’re doing. 
    An unbeliever, on the other hand, is not someone we should confront in the same manner that we do a sibling in Christ.  
    I was accused recently of ‘not admonishing’ others as I ‘should’.  And this was in reference to non-Christians.  No, I should not be timid to share the truth with an unbeliever, but we're not called to force Christianity down people's throats either.  What kind of an example is that?  If someone says they feel like they’re being judged, maybe you should reexamine HOW you’re presenting your case to them.  And yes, I know Jesus didn’t beat around the bush.  There are plenty of strong verses in the Bible ('brood of vipers', 'hypocrites', etc.)  But are you Jesus?  No?  Then shut up.  
    Jesus was the perfect God-man.  He judged according to God's standards - followers of Him and unbelievers alike.  But we are not Him.  We can only pass judgement on our siblings because we and they both know God's Word.  Unbelievers don't.  They need to know the truth, yes, and be told the error of their ways, that they are sinning against a holy and righteous God (and heck, even make them uncomfortable!) but we are God’s messengers to spread the Gospel and His Word, not to 'judge' them.  

    We are called to love others, even as Christ loved the ones who hated Him.  So often I think Christians are all about telling people what's right and what's wrong, what God says is good and bad, and I believe that as His children, we should.  But tactfully, gently, and graciously.  Tell them the truth out of love for their souls because you know the truth and reality of heaven and hell.

    You wouldn't like it if an atheist came up to you and started telling you all the reasons they thought you were wrong, would you?  See, to them that's what Christians do when they come and try to totally wreck what was once their solid, peaceful little world.  

    This post isn't about right or wrong.  It's about MY view on what I believe is right or wrong, speaking from what I understand biblically.  I want non-Christians to be able to look at me and say, 'She is a Christian.  A very strong Christian.  She knows what she believes and she'll be honest with people about it, but I feel like I can approach her about what I think and believe because I know we can have a calm discussion about our differences, and be able to present our views without biting each other's throats.'  

    Get a grip, professing Christians.  Is the example you're setting when presenting your views and standards, Christ-like and gracious?  Or are you just being a hypocrite and priding yourself on knowing what you think is the Gospel?



    Someday, you're going to wake up in your own home, under your favorite comforter that was given to you as a wedding gift, in an incredibly comfy bed...and you'll turn over onto your side.  And he/she will be there, sleeping soundly next to you.
    And you'll stare at their face, memorizing every detail.  A scar, a beauty mark, the lips that you love to kiss, their nose, their jawline, neck, collarbone...
    And you'll remember back to the first time you met.  Or maybe (because of the modern world) you had texted or talked on the phone before actually meeting in person.  And you'll remember back to that first text.  How you had gotten her number from her brother.  Or how you hadn't given him your number until after you snap chatted a few times - and only after asking his best friend if he was a nice guy.
    You'll also remember how you were hurt by someone before.  How you never thought you would ever meet 'that person' - the one who could make you feel again.  Maybe you had given up on love altogether.  Or swore to yourself never to have feelings for another human being because you were tired of getting punched in the gut and knifed in the heart.
    And then you met him.
    And then you met her.
    And you fell in love faster than you could breathe.
    You tried not to let them have such a hold on you, but it was like everything was happening against your will.
    And they knew it.
    Because they treated you with the most gentle of touches, the kindest of words.  They loved you selflessly.  And they were the most patient human on earth, softly kissing your scars and learning how to help you heal.
    And they'll marry you.  And marry you well.
    And I promise you...that when you see the love of your life, finally lying next to you in the bed you share together...it won't matter if they sleep with their mouth open, or that they have bad morning breath when they mumble 'Goodmorning, baby' and kiss you so good.  Because they are the most beautiful sight.  And you'll be happy.  And know what 'being in love' feels like.

    And it's okay to maybe be a little sad right now because you don't have this.  It's okay to hope and dream and wonder.

    But someday, you might have this.  And it will only happen when it's supposed to.  And the timing will be so incredibly perfect that you'll understand why it hadn't happened before.


    Everyday Blessings // 34

    Yes, I am still alive.

    Yes, I have been very busy.

    Yes, I have missed my blog.


    >> Cities In Silence band photoshoot
    >> band's debut show (June 5 - come see us!)
    >> supportive family and friends
    >> baby second-cousins (one cousin just gave birth, another cousin is pregnant)
    >> getting back into crocheting
    >> Burgerville
    >> starting to jog every morning
    >> meeting an Instagram follower in person
    >> buying a plane ticket (Texas, here I come!)
    >> getting a professionally done massage
    >> when he buys me my favorite cereal (...Lucky Charms...)
    >> Jasmine rice
    >> planning a road-trip to Montana
    >> whizzing through books
    >> taking a mattress outside and napping in the sun, on a warm Sunday afternoon
    >> cuddling
    >> bestie days
    >> homemade pizza
    >> sneaky video-taking pranks
    >> hikes with friends (photo at beginning of post is from a hike at Silver Falls, Oregon)
    >> receiving a Young Living Essential Oils package in the mail
    >> practicing music (going to be getting a new instrument soon.  Any guesses as to what it is?)
    >> grapefruit
    >> watching my bunny sleep (he's so adorable ohmygosh)


    So my band finally has official band photos and social media accounts!  Below are the links.
    Facebook: facebook.com/CitiesInSilenceBand
    Twitter: @CitiesInSilence
    Instagram: @CitiesInSilenceOfficial

    And we may or may not be putting together a SoundCloud account today.


    Can't believe it's June already!!

    Summer is RIGHT around the corner.  
    Have any summer plans?