15 Lies About Homeschoolers

Below is a list of lies about homeschoolers compiled by yours truly and a few other homeschoolers and fellow homeschool alumni...


And to any homeschoolers reading this: feel free to comment any that I missed!


1.  We're socially awkward.

2.  We don't have any friends.  And the few we do have are homeschooled too.

3.  We only know how to sing hymns.

4.  Girls never wear makeup and always wear long dresses.

5.  Guys grow (or try to grow) beards and always wear waist-high jeans with belts.

6.  We don't really do any school subjects.  Just a lot of reading.

7.  We don't do many things online.  We're usually outside working on the farm or with the farm animals.

8.  We eat super, duper healthy.

9.  We only watch G rated movies.

10.  We aren't aware of current events and don't get pop culture references.

11.  We never, ever, ever say bad words.

12.  We are not open-minded.

13.  We don't listen to anything but strictly labeled "Christian" music.  (Think Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, and Chris Tomlin)

14.  We always do school in our pajamas.

15.  We only drive 10+ passenger vans.

Nice to meet you.


  1. Haha, this makeup and skinny jeans wearing, R-rated movie watching, internet obsessed, tiny car driving, all kinds of music loving, former homeschooler loved this! Seriously, though, people try to put homeschoolers in a box as if they are all the same, but would you do the same about any other form of education? I don't hear nearly as many generalizations about college attendees, public schooled kids, etc. Homeschoolers are diverse people! Thanks for sharing Raquel! :)

  2. Nice. :-) I would add, "We're only barely literate." When I transferred to a public high school, the teachers were shocked at how well I could read and write after being homeschooled for several years.

  3. Totally. I love this.


  4. This is great. Leave me a comment on my blog if you would want me to do something similar about us "demonic" public school kids :)


    1. I never said anything about public schooled kids being anything close to demonic...?

    2. No, no its cool. But there are lots of homeschool kids that seem to think "worldly" or some such reverse steryotype. Lol. I wear a headcovering and skirts all the time so people are all confused that I go to public school :)

  5. The only true one for me is #2. Haha, I've always been a loner.

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