16 Things You Need To Know About Dating a Girl Who Writes

You have to be willing to listen when we get excited about something, even if it doesn't make sense to you.
- Mirriam, 21

Don't be put off when we talk to ourselves.  We're just rehearsing dialogue.
- Candice, 25

We will try not to idealize you, but we will stumble.  And when you don't live up to the character we mistook you for, it will hurt.  Don't hold it against us.  Hold our hand and remind us that the real you is better.
- Bleah, 20

You better be a good reader, because you're going to end up proof-reading EVERYTHING.
- Tania, 19

We will probably try out 50 different variations of the same sentence on you and ask you which sounds better, even though you probably don't have a clue.
- Sierra, 16

1.  We do need our space.  This doesn't mean we don't want your presence, though.  Sometimes, we will have to focus on writing and reading, and we can't only put half-effort into that.

2.  If you talk to us while we're typing away, chances are we aren't listening.  Ask us to pause and listen to you.  If we're on a roll, we'll ask you to wait a few moments while we finish this paragraph, or this page, or this chapter.  This isn't always in the most gentle tone of voice but it's only because we're concentrating really hard and you may or may not have broken our train of thought.  Don't take it personally.  We still love you.

3.  We do want - and value - your opinion, but we need it gently.  Constructive criticism >>>> negative criticism.  Tell us your honest thoughts on what we share with you, but please be kind and realize that what you say has the potential to affect what we write for a really, really...really long time.

4.  We may be working on something, and then you call us.  We'll answer our phone because duh, it's you, but if we can't talk long, we'll tell you.  Or you could even ask "Hey am I interrupting anything?"  If you are, don't be offended when we say "Yeah, I was in the middle of writing something".  We just need to get back to our train of thought.  Offer to call us back later, or if it's crucial to talk about right away, communicate that kindly and we should will make time for you.

5.  We're easy to purchase gifts for.  Notebooks, journals?  Yes.  Pens?  Fabulous (we're always losing ours).  Earbuds?  Can't have too many of those.

6.  Speaking of notebooks, we always, always have at least one with us.

7.  Many times, we can be really bad at talking.  If we want to say something important, we might just write it down instead of speaking what we're thinking.

8.  If you happen to see internet history such as "how fast does a person bleed out", "how to remove bloodstains", or "the most popular cause of hallucinations" and other strange topics, don't worry.  It's just research.

9.  We would be perfectly content with a leisure Saturday of us writing and you watching your UFC fight.  Just remember to always keep physical touch between us.

10.  Inspiration can come in many different forms.  And we will verbalize it.  Again, it may not make sense to you, but at least be happy for us.

11.  Don't be offended when we correct your spelling or grammar.  It really does annoy us, okay?  And hey, we're helping you change for the better.

12.  We will probably read into things too much and too often.  However, this also means that we're very perceptive.  So just know that what you say, how you say it and your facial expressions will not go unnoticed.

13.  If we're writing a novel, we might get frustrated that our characters aren't doing what we want them to do.  We can't control them.  Or if we're writing a nonfiction, frustration will happen in the form of writer's block and lack of inspiration.  Just sympathize with us, okay?

14.  Even if you aren't the best writer in the world, chances are a girl who is a writer will be swept off her feet by a letter from her lover.  Words have such power.  And knowing who penned them makes them even more special and important.

15.  We people watch...a lot.  It might be a little creepy, but this is one sure way to get inspiration.

16.  As much as you may want to read our stuff, don't push us to show you.  Especially with personal writing (poetry, journals, etc.), it may take a bit of time to let you have a peek at it.  And even then, you may never get to read it.  This doesn't mean we don't trust you.  It's just the caution of vulnerability that we ask you to be sensitive to.


  1. I love this! Spot on! Especially the buying notebooks and pens... easy gifts! lol

    1. Glad you agreed with it! And right? I could have a hundred notebooks and pens and it still wouldn't feel like enough haha

    2. Right! There's NEVER enough! And.. yes.. I am so guilty of number 11. lol!

  2. Amazing post. Loved the interaction going on with your readers. Also, never mess with a writer, she will destroy you with the pen. :)

    1. Thank you! I loved asking some readers/fellow writers for input.
      And indeed haha

  3. The proof reading comment is SO true! My Husband looks at all my posts before I submit ;)

    1. That's fabulous. I love having my boyfriend or besties proofread my posts too.

  4. Loved the quote that read "You have to be willing to listen when we get excited about something, even if it doesn't make sense to you." I do this all the time with my fiancé, it's terrible! haha but he's such a good listener :)
    Also your last point--I'm an avid journaller, and every now and then I write something particularly special to me and although it's really scary I just NEED to show it to someone. But I often find that after I show someone 1 entry they feel like that was an invitation to read the rest of it.. >.<
    Love the post :)
    Rebecca Gregoire

  5. Great post! I've been ruefully smiling about it ever since you posted ;) and I linked to it on my own recent post here: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2015/07/june-happenings-and-delights.html. :) (Iffen you're interested, of course!)