Everyday Blessings // 34

Yes, I am still alive.

Yes, I have been very busy.

Yes, I have missed my blog.


>> Cities In Silence band photoshoot
>> band's debut show (June 5 - come see us!)
>> supportive family and friends
>> baby second-cousins (one cousin just gave birth, another cousin is pregnant)
>> getting back into crocheting
>> Burgerville
>> starting to jog every morning
>> meeting an Instagram follower in person
>> buying a plane ticket (Texas, here I come!)
>> getting a professionally done massage
>> when he buys me my favorite cereal (...Lucky Charms...)
>> Jasmine rice
>> planning a road-trip to Montana
>> whizzing through books
>> taking a mattress outside and napping in the sun, on a warm Sunday afternoon
>> cuddling
>> bestie days
>> homemade pizza
>> sneaky video-taking pranks
>> hikes with friends (photo at beginning of post is from a hike at Silver Falls, Oregon)
>> receiving a Young Living Essential Oils package in the mail
>> practicing music (going to be getting a new instrument soon.  Any guesses as to what it is?)
>> grapefruit
>> watching my bunny sleep (he's so adorable ohmygosh)


So my band finally has official band photos and social media accounts!  Below are the links.
Facebook: facebook.com/CitiesInSilenceBand
Twitter: @CitiesInSilence
Instagram: @CitiesInSilenceOfficial

And we may or may not be putting together a SoundCloud account today.


Can't believe it's June already!!

Summer is RIGHT around the corner.  
Have any summer plans?


  1. I love in Texas!!!

    LOL, I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering if you were alright (you were in a car accident, right?) since I hadn't seen any posts or heard from you in a while. Glad you're doing good and that you're just busy, the good kind. I'll definitely have to check out your music!

  2. I'm going to guess your new instrument is going to be an ukulele (or a ukulele. Depends on how you say it XD). :)