Everyday Blessings // 35

>> Cities In Silence's first show went amazingly well (about 85+ people showed up!)
>> road trips (currently in Montana - who wants to meet up?)
>> quiet time
>> starting a new book (current read: 'To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain' by Matt Chandler)
>> celebrating Father's Day with my family and some extended family
>> organizing team details for next trip to Peru
>> Inside Out
>> finishing a study through 1 John, and counting 46 times in five chapters that the word 'love' is used
>> helping lead worship at a local church
>> finding out that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are going to star in a movie together. (Whaaaaat?)
>> watching The Fellowship of the Ring while writing this
>> Jurassic World
>> it's officially summer now
>> detox water
>> berry-picking with a friend
>> having the honor to write about the late Elisabeth Elliot
>> house-sitting
>> frozen Greek yogurt
>> seeing Mockingjay 2's trailer
>> Montana sky sunsets
>> looking forward to the 4th of July
>> having a chance at a really rad job (prayers are appreciated!)


As I previously stated, I am currently in Montana.  I am meeting up with some blog followers this weekend.  Let me know which ones of you live here and we can try setting up a date to meet.

Also, just to be aware, blogging may be a bit slow this and next week.  But I am needing a break from people and internet and am hoping that being in Montana will give me some refreshing inspiration.
Feel free to still comment and email me.  I am also updating my Instagram (@itsjustraquel) and Snapchat (@froyogalrzd).  So find me on there and follow along on my adventures!

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