Life changes, and so you do...and it's okay

We've all had those times in our life when we do something we never planned on doing.

Let me give you a few examples...

Recently, I was thinking back over a few things I had said that 'I would never do'.  But that was a while ago.  And I have since done them.  Such as, hold hands with a guy (before we were engaged), worn a skirt above my knees, said a cuss word, driven somewhere alone with a guy, not washed my hair for a week (don't freak out; I did rinse it.), and walked barefoot, but forgot to wash my feet before crawling into bed.

The other day, I was thinking about a certain one of these and started [mentally] beating myself up about how it was something I thought I wasn't going to do, or that I was going to 'wait for'.  And why didn't I?  What was I thinking?

But then some practical part of my brain told me to calm the heck down and I heard it ask 'Was it really that wrong?'

Why was I freaking out?

Why was I beating myself up about this?

Why was it so important to me?

It wasn't a life and death matter.  It was simply a change of view.  A change of heart.  A difference between the me of a few years ago, and the me who I have become.

Life changes.  And it took me a while, but I realized that I change too.  I adapt.  I become the new me that the new life is requiring.

It kind of shocked me at first.  I was like 'Wait!  I would never have done something like this two years ago.  Is this...right?'

Not only was it right, but it was okay.  There's nothing wrong with change.  Sure, it should be a change for the better.  But in some instances, there's no specific right or wrong (sorry, black-or-white-thinking people), and it's all about personal conviction, personal preference, and personal decisions.

When you were four years old, you didn't have standards.  By the time you're 13, you will do things your four-year-old self wouldn't have even thought of doing.  And by the time you're 20, you'll probably do that exact same thing, but in a completely different way/point of view.

Why?  Because you change.

And it's okay.


  1. Hi Raquel :)

    I don't comment often, but I wanted to tell you that your posts are always an encouragement to me...and you're a fantastic writer.

    Love, Celia

  2. Yes, I have been learning this lately. It's crazy sometimes how we change from one year (or one month) to the next. But the Lord changes us for a reason.

  3. Everything has its season. I have a really hard time when circumstances and things around me change...I hate letting go of people and things that I love. But we can't grow unless we change. Thank you Raquel! :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind