Someday, you're going to wake up in your own home, under your favorite comforter that was given to you as a wedding gift, in an incredibly comfy bed...and you'll turn over onto your side.  And he/she will be there, sleeping soundly next to you.
And you'll stare at their face, memorizing every detail.  A scar, a beauty mark, the lips that you love to kiss, their nose, their jawline, neck, collarbone...
And you'll remember back to the first time you met.  Or maybe (because of the modern world) you had texted or talked on the phone before actually meeting in person.  And you'll remember back to that first text.  How you had gotten her number from her brother.  Or how you hadn't given him your number until after you snap chatted a few times - and only after asking his best friend if he was a nice guy.
You'll also remember how you were hurt by someone before.  How you never thought you would ever meet 'that person' - the one who could make you feel again.  Maybe you had given up on love altogether.  Or swore to yourself never to have feelings for another human being because you were tired of getting punched in the gut and knifed in the heart.
And then you met him.
And then you met her.
And you fell in love faster than you could breathe.
You tried not to let them have such a hold on you, but it was like everything was happening against your will.
And they knew it.
Because they treated you with the most gentle of touches, the kindest of words.  They loved you selflessly.  And they were the most patient human on earth, softly kissing your scars and learning how to help you heal.
And they'll marry you.  And marry you well.
And I promise you...that when you see the love of your life, finally lying next to you in the bed you share together...it won't matter if they sleep with their mouth open, or that they have bad morning breath when they mumble 'Goodmorning, baby' and kiss you so good.  Because they are the most beautiful sight.  And you'll be happy.  And know what 'being in love' feels like.

And it's okay to maybe be a little sad right now because you don't have this.  It's okay to hope and dream and wonder.

But someday, you might have this.  And it will only happen when it's supposed to.  And the timing will be so incredibly perfect that you'll understand why it hadn't happened before.


  1. Raquel, you spoke to my soul. I can't tell you how much I needed this. <3

  2. Raquel, this made my heart melt and ache all at once. It's been a long week full of a lot of heartache and reminders of heartbreak and I really needed to read this. Thank you so much. <3


    a vapor in the wind

  3. WOW I really needed this! Thanks so much for the reminder that God has good things in store for our lives - we just have to wait.

    1. Amen. Absolutely agree with you. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Holy cow Raquel this was beautiful and spoke to me soo well!! Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I'm going to share it with a dear friend of mine!!!

    1. You're so welcome! Yay! Yes, it's meant to be shared.

  5. I love you. thanks so much for this.