To The Man I Marry: I Can't Wait To Love You

Hey handsome,

I'm in love with you.

And it's crazy cuz I'm not even married to you yet.

I just know that you're the love of my life and I want to grow old with you.  And I am so in love with you already.

Just knowing that you're out there, learning, growing, becoming the man I need...and one day, we're going to come together and commit to a covenantal marriage...and be together forever.  Like, how amazing is that?  I can't wait.  And even now, I am so in love with you.

Is that weird?  To be so emotional and crazy about someone you aren't even married to yet?  Because honestly, I would marry you tomorrow if I could.  I am so in love with who you are.  The shortcomings, the failures, the past you've been through - nothing can change this incredible feeling and sense of affection that I have welling up inside of me.  I know that I will be able to accept and love you for who you are because 1) I know God's love for me, and I can only love you because of it and 2) I am full of imperfections and shortcomings too but I know you'll love me just the same.  Thank you, in advance, for all the ways you will love on me and cherish me.  I need that.  I want to feel that.  I want to be the woman of your dreams, as much as I know that you'll be the man of mine because I am so in love with you already.

Let me tell you something...
Once you have me, you'll have all of me.  My whole self - heart, body, emotions.  Every piece of me will belong to you.  And where you go, I will go.  I want you to know and understand this because this is literally the most important and greatest thing I will ever be able to give you - my trust.  Why? Because of my great and passionate love for you.  And I know you will take good care of me.  I know you will treasure my heart and be honored to be the man to protect it.  I would never settle for less than that.  And I know you would never want me to.  I am so in love with you, even now.

Dearest, darling, I know our life together won't be easy.  We'll have arguments, and heated discussions.  We'll have disagreements and sometimes need to walk away from each other to get some 'cooling off space'.  We'll make mistakes.  Oh but baby, we'll work through everything together.  Because we'll have such a focus on being in love with each other that nothing can come in the way of that.  Knowing the kind of love we're going to share, and the life we'll have together, makes me brave enough to face anything.  And I choose you.  To spend the rest of my life with.  And I trust that you will care enough for me that you won't let stupid little things come between us.  I am so in love with you for that already.

I am so excited for everything that is to come!  Can you imagine?  Getting to spend the rest of our lives together?  Never having to be apart?  Living together, sleeping together, waking up and kissing your lips in the morning.  How crazy amazing will that be?  And we'll learn about each other's quirks and facial expressions and tones of voices and the way we show our emotions.  I can't wait to study you.  And learn everything that makes you tick.  We're going to travel, and try new foods, go skinny dipping near waterfalls, have laughing fits, and sleep under the stars in an open field.  Go to concerts, come home at 2 a.m., and fall asleep wrapped in each other's arms.  We'll sing in the car together, play sports together, watch each other's favorite movie - and make an effort to enjoy it because we know the other loves it.  We'll encourage each other everyday.  Strive to help the other reach their goals.  Babe, I am so in love with you already.

I can't wait for that moment you propose to me.  And I'll decide that I really do love your last name and I really would like to marry you and have sleepovers together for the rest of our lives.

I can't wait to write our own vows and read them to each other, slip a ring on your finger and you put one on mine, and we say 'I do', and then you kiss me like you've never kissed me before...right there in front of a room full of people we love...

I can't wait to love you ferociously, to love you with a love that I think will be the greatest in the world, even though there are other couples out there loving just as hard as we will love each other.  But ours will be a different kind of love.  Because it will be ours.

I can't wait to spend forever with you, babe.

Gosh, I am so in love with you already.

And last but not least, I can't wait to love you...as my husband.

Your future best friend for life, forever and always, with all my heart and soul, your wife, the mother of your children,

~ Raquel

P.S. You're so handsome.


  1. Wow, that's quite an ode.

  2. whoa <3 that is so amazing. It's so awesome to see other women who write things like this to their future husbands. I think so many similar things about my future husband. Thank you for sharing this, it's beautiful, Raquel

  3. This is so adorable and lovely! <3

  4. Thank you. You inspire me a lot to continue to write. Lots of love.

  5. This is so beautiful :') I'm getting married in July, and one of the things that Connor and I have learned, though, is that love is not enough. Love has to be a choice based on values and our love for God, even when we're not in love with each other at the present moment (you can LOVE someone without being currently IN love with them)
    That being said, when you make God the center rather than love itself, your life begins to look a lot like your post :) Because two people who are so passionately committed to a relationship with God truly understand what it means to love.
    LOVE your post. It's one of the most happy-cry-worthy things I've read in a while.

  6. *sniffles* This is so beautiful. (I need to write a letter to my future hubby as well - this is such a wonderful idea.) <3