6 Questions You Should Ask [Someone] About Your Significant Other

Ask someone?  Why would you need to ask someone else about YOUR relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Good question.

And the answer is simply this:
A family member or close friend who knows YOU well, can give honest insight into your dating life.  Insight that you may not have because they can see it from a neutral, outside perspective.


1)  Do you think we go well together?
Do we balance each other out well?  Do our personalities and lifestyles clash or mix?

2)  Do you see anything about our relationship that is unhealthy or could potentially lead to something unhealthy in the future?
Do you see us communicating well?  Have we laid down good physical boundaries?  Do we spend quality time together?

3)  Do you see me being myself around this person?
Am I comfortable with them?  Or am I acting in a way that would try to impress them or thinking that they'd like me more if I did this or said that?

4)  Do you see me showing my boyfriend/girlfriend the love, care and respect that they deserve?
Am I being selfish in any certain areas?  Am I accommodating this person or genuinely interested in being more for them/doing more for them/being healthily selfless for them?

5)  Do you see him/her taking from me or adding to my life?
Do I thrive or whither when I am around them?  Over the amount of time that we've been together, have you noticed a positive or negative change in me?

6)  How is my relationship affecting my friendship with you?
Does he/she encourage my friendship with you or do you feel that he/she takes up an unreasonable amount of time and attention in my life?