8 Step To Cleaning Out Your Closet

I had been needing to clean out the nooks and crannies in my bedroom.  But especially my closet.  When you opened it, sure you just saw clothes on hangers, but to the left and right of those clothes were boxes and bags and clothes that had fallen.  And on the shelf above were three boxes and random knick-knacks.  Pretty disgusting when I word it like that...
I am a clean freak.  But even the cleanest of freaks has areas of obvious failure in organization.  It just happens, okay?

Well, yesterday, I decided to tackle the horrendous closet.  And now, as I sit on my bed of clean sheets and blankets, I can sigh with relief that everywhere you look in my room - even inside my closet! - is neat and orderly.

And I'm happy.

Here are 8 tips on cleaning out your closet.  Which, yes, you should do sometime.


Step 1: Grab three garbage bags, and a sibling or close friend
Bags - 1 to give away, 1 to throw away, and 1 to hand-me-down.
Sibling/Friend - for encouragement, help, and honest opinions.

Step 2: Put that music on
Everything is better with music.  Everything.
And don't be afraid to dance around while throwing stuff away or organizing your clothes, books or whatev.  It'll keep the mood light and get your mind off of throwing away that old blanket that you've had since you were five...and really don't need anymore.

Step 3: Hand sanitizer
You never know what you're gonna come across.  And you can't wash your hands too often (in my opinion).

Step 4: Take everything out
Yes, everything.  Everything off the shelf, everything off the hanger, everything off the floor.
THEN begin the sorting.

Step 5: Ask yourself...
When was the last time I wore this?
Who gave me this?
Will I ever see them again?
Does this hold good or bad memories for me?
Will this be something I'll want to pass down to my children?
Ask these questions every time you come across something that you're hesitating over whether to give away, throw away, or hand-me-down.

Step 6:  Boxes
Boxes are good, but limit yourself (depending on how big your closet is).  Sure, you can store things in them, but don't overwhelm the floor or the shelves with boxes full of non-essential items.  You're trying to get a rid of things, not hoard them.

Step 7: Clean
Be sure to clean as you clean.  Meaning: sweep, dust, mop as you move things around and reorganize.  Those dust bunnies need to go, and so does that layer of dirt, dust, grim or whatever it is.  Once you're finished, it'll not only look nicer, but smell fresher as well.

Step 8: Reward yourself
You did well.  You got a rid of a bunch of stuff (maybe some of it was really sentimental, but just not needed anymore), you cleaned, you're aching from all the bending over, lifting, folding, packing...  You deserve a shower and a treat.  Maybe some chocolate?


  1. I seriously seriously need to do this. x) Thank you for the motivation. The closet is always a fairly daunting task