Be Dangerous

A few months ago, I volunteered at Tenth Avenue North's merch table during the Chris Tomlin's 'Love Ran Red Tour' when it made its stop in Portland.  Rend Collective was the opening performance, and it was one of my favorites I have ever seen.  The lead singer, Chris Llewellyn, said something that has stuck with me...

"Lets welcome God's Spirit into this room right now and ask that He revive His people and His church.  Lets be dangerous."

As believers in the all-powerful God, I think we take for granted and underestimate the amount of power we, as His children, contain within our very spirits.

We are a danger.

To what?

To the sinful world we live in.  To satan himself.  We are dangerous.

We are as conquerors because we have Him in us, and He is greater than anyone of or in this world.

We can accomplish much in this world.  We have Him on our side.

How are we making use of the Holy Spirit's power in us?  How are we taking risks in this world and showing His power through us to people?  Are we grasping the truth that we ARE more than conquerors through Him?  We are fighting a battle, yes.  But the war has already been won.  We are fighting for a victorious and reigning King.  

What a stunning thought that is.

Are we living in that assurance today?

Are we reminding ourselves of this beautiful truth?  - And having faith that no matter what battle we're facing, what doubts we may have, what sin we are fighting in our lives, that God is still God, and through Him, we are conquering warriors who are a dangerous threat to the sin-filled humanity.

Be dangerous.

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