HeyLets explore!

Have you ever been to a new place and had no clue where to go first?  Where to explore, where to find a good coffee shop or restaurant, where to go swimming?  Look no further!  

There’s an app for that.

And it’s called HeyLets!

HeyLets is a social iPhone App that allows its users to share and discover amazing experiences and adventures.  It’s a city guide, powered by locals and built on positivity.  It is available to download and use in any country around the world.  After downloading the app to your phone, you create a profile…explore...see what's trending...and share your own experiences with others who are looking to be inspired and discover amazing places too.

Users share an experience via photo or video, a 200-word length descriptive recommendation, a location and category.  These experiences can be ‘wishlisted’ by others with similar interests, and if you like enough of a certain user’s posts, you can choose follow them and stay updated on their experiences and reviews.

It’s kind of like an Instagram-Snapchat combined, where you have your own account, people can follow you, and your pictures and captions (aka reviews) are quirky and exciting.

Super cool thing about it too, is that there are NO negative reviews.  So you don’t have to wade through review after review trying to find a positive one, and then compare it to a negative one that you saw on the same location.  And blah blah blah.
Oh and another thing!  It's super easy to navigate and get the hang of.  Everything is pretty self-explanatory and you can search for things easily, 

Think you want to give this app a shot?  Don’t waste another second.  Download it now!  

(If you have an Android phone, no worries!  HeyLets will be released for Android in just a couple months.  If you’d like to be notified when it’s up for grabs, just leave your email address HERE and you will be notified when it can be downloaded.)

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