Everyday Blessings // 36

>> traveling to and from Texas safely
>> listening to Keith Urban in Texas
>> getting to volunteer at Gospel For Asia’s campus in Texas
>> making a new friend
>> slowly starting to come out of my writer’s block
>> Fig bars
>> unexpectedly getting to speak Spanish with someone
>> reuniting with someone my heart loves after not seeing them for over a week
>> being accepted
>> progress on my book
>> mentorship
>> progress for my trip to Peru
>> playing/singing Touch The Sky by Hillsong in an incredible acoustic library
>> movie nights with girls who I’d never met until a few days ago, and having a blast
>> mint chocolate chip ice cream
>> beautiful sunsets (autumn is just a breath away…)
>> being asked for forgiveness by a complete stranger
>> mangos
>> hammocks
>> painting my nails black with a glitter coat on top
>> house-sitting for two weeks
>> ALMOST legging and sweater weather


How has your August been so far?  What are you most looking forward to in September?  Any special farewell-summer-hello-autumn plans?

1 comment:

  1. Making new friends is always so exciting!

    I'm glad to hear that you're coming out of a writer's block...I've been in one myself for the past few days. No fun. But sometimes taking a break and focusing on something else for a while is simply what we need.

    I'd love to know more about your book! I know you've mentioned it on here before...

    I've been house-sitting these last couple of weeks too! Well, house-sitting and pet-sitting for two VERY spoiled dachshunds who are about to drive me crazy. ;)

    Okay, nothing humbles me more than when someone--anyone--comes and asks for forgiveness. When it's someone I don't know...wow, that's just incredible.

    Annnd....I can't wait for legging and sweater weather!!! Eeeekk!! I just ordered a pair of boots this week since I completely wore down my pair last year. Cold weather, come quickly. :D

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind