Little Bookish Ltd // Giveaway

Who wants to win something from a lovely British shop in Brighton, England?

Who is a writer?

Who loves literature inspired items, such as...



Gina sent me a lovely item of hers to review.  She included a small token of thanks (see below) that included some delicious chocolate!

The item she sent me to review is the 'Writer In Residence' Plaque.  I ab-so-lute-ly love it.  I now hang it on my door whenever I'm working on something so that little siblings know not to interrupt my train of thought;)

She packaged everything with this simply elegant newspaper wrapping and stamps and ribbon.  So classy.

Here are the ways you can enter to win your own 'Writer In Residence' Plaque!


>> c o m m e n t  and tell me your favorite design in Gina's shop and/or a suggestion for a new design
>> f o l l o w  It's Just Raquel blog {mandatory}
>> h e a r t  Gina's Etsy shop
>> f o l l o w  Raquel on Twitter
>> f o l l o w  Gina on Twitter
>> f o l l o w  Raquel on Instagram (@itsjustraquel)
>> f o l l o w  Raquel on Pinterest
>> s h a r e  this giveaway post on your social medias (Share buttons are below.  Comment the link to your shares.)
>> c o m m e n t  on any other post here on It's Just Raquel
>> c o m m e n t  any blog post requests or questions (I may or may not have a vlog in the works) 


 Winner will be drawn August 22nd.


Good luck!:)


  1. I think the "quiet please I'm reading" plaque is my favorite. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    I hearted Gina's shop.
    Shared on twitter!

  2. Alice is Wonderland is definitely my favorite!

  3. I like that Writer In Residence plague a lot! I really need that for my door! XD And I follow your blog! <3

  4. I love the "Quiet I'm reading" plaque.
    I follow your blog.
    I hearted Gina's shop.
    I follow you and Gina on Twitter (@emilyruth221) and I follow you on Instagram (@emilyruth221) and Pinterest (Emily Boyd).

  5. Wow. That "I'm not sleeping" one is TOO good! I'm just grinning..... Love it!! :D

    (Oh! And I follow your blog. ;D)

  6. I love the "Quiet Please, I'm Reading" plaque! I follow your blog and I commented here: http://www.itsjustraquel.com/2015/08/embrace-your-struggles.html

  7. quiet please I'm reading plaque.