Music Monday | Some Favorite Album Art

Below are just a few of my favorite album cover artwork.  Not listed in any particular order.


Fall Out Boy's 'American Beauty/American Psycho'

Oh and here's a fun little interview with the model.

Fall Out Boy's 'Save Rock & Roll'

I just love the absolute contrast of culture in this one photograph.  It's striking.

Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now'

What girl doesn't love that dress...and those curls...and that lipstick?

Ellie Goulding's 'Halycon'

I love photograph captures of someone's hair being waved around.  I bet she had fun during this photoshoot.  I love the color flow too.

One Republic's 'Waking Up'

I have always wanted to hang a white cotton sheet up and attach balloons full of paint to it and then throw darts and yes the first time I saw this being done was in Princess Diaries.  Well, when I saw this cover of OneRepublic's album, that's the first thought that came to mind.  And I love both versions.

Tenth Avenue North's 'Cathedrals'

Cathedrals.  Stained glass.  The end.

Owl City's 'The Midsummer Station'

We can always appreciate Adam Young's beautiful brain - through his songs or his album covers.  This is ingenious.  Who wouldn't want to go visit this place?!

Christina Perri's 'Head Or Heart'

This photograph is simple, yet stunning.  Basically only two filters were used.  And Christina isn't wearing a whole lot of makeup (which I always admire in celebrities).  I just really like this album cover.

Panic! at the Disco's 'Vices and Virtues'

I must confess that I haven't heard much music from these guys, but the album cover alone makes me want to go listen to one of their songs!


What are some of your favorites?  Am I missing any specific ones that are kind of no-brainers?  Comment below!

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