Erratic Prose [while in Texas] | edition 2

Yes, I’m in Texas now.  I am writing this sitting at a desk in the East campus of Gospel For Asia.  Pretty cool, huh?  I am visiting a friend here over the weekend.  (Remember my friend from Pennsylvania who I've gone to visit twice?  She lives here now.)

Life has been really tough lately, peeps.  Like, really, really hard.  The last few weeks have been some of the most difficult in my life.  I have missed writing so much but my brain is so clogged with thoughts and emotions that finding what to write about - and how! - has been literally painful.  I was talking to a dear, sweet mentor friend of mine and she said ‘Well then, write about what’s been going on, Raquel.  Write so that your readers know the real you.’  I know that my blog posts written with most vulnerability have been the ones that seem to touch more of you.  It’s just difficult for me to know how to write about personal issues delicately. 

Coming here to Texas has been good for me to get away from a while.  And before coming here, I prayed that God would either 1) help me be able to write about what’s been going on or 2) help me put all that aside TO be able to write.

This is only my second day here, so I’ve been praying and waiting on the LORD.  I am hoping to get some writing done sometime this weekend.

Some good news though - that I think you’ll all really enjoy hearing - is that I am making a lot of progress with my book (non-fictional).  I had someone helping me with it, but she’s married and currently pregnant so couldn’t find enough time to work with me.  But the LORD sent another person and I/we have been getting much more done.  Please be praying that things continue to progress with it.

Anyway, I think I’ll wrap this up for now.  Going to a prayer meeting tonight, and then working in a really epic library afterwards.  It’s a round sort of room, with tall (20 feet or so) windows all along the wall.  It has great acoustics too, so I may or may not take advantage of that for some private worship time.


  1. Can we know what your book's about? :) And how exciting!

    1. It'll be mainly about relationships:) That's the overall topic.