Everyday Blessings // 37

>> being blessed with a new job (am I a northwest hipster yet?  Writer + barista;)
>> tips
>> 3-hour coffee date with a friend
>> new leggings
>> hosting giveaways (seriously. keep an eye on my Instagram: @itsjustraquel )
>> plaid flannel [men's] shirts
>> new jeans
>> shopping spree with two girl friends
>> impromptu frozen yogurt evening with the family
>> bull-riding rodeo
>> being welcomed at a new church
>> mane 'n tail shampoo (yes, I use this for my hair. best ever.)
>> attending a wedding of a former coworker and getting all dressed up
>> beach trips
>> saving up money for Peru
>> bouquets of flowers and Trader Joe's chocolate from my sweet guy
>> possible road trip around the U.S. plans...
>> just living
>> this shirt:


  1. I need that shirt! And what is it with weddings this time of year? I just went to two weddings in the space of two weeks!

    Congrats on a new job! That's so awesome. I really like my job right now but it's kind of a dream of mine to work at a coffee shop one day. :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Right??
      Thanks, girl. Where do you work right now? I've always wanted a barista job too! So far God has blessed me with two of my dream jobs. Keep praying! Maybe He has one in store for you.

  2. Darling, as usual! It's always such fun to count our simple (or everyday) blessings. It's these kind of things that bring a smile no matter the kind of day we're having. :)

  3. You're stunning! xx Impromptu frozen yogurts are the best, aren't they?
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Oh gosh thank you! Make me all shy. And yup, they sure are!

  4. Hey! Love your posts! I got my blog too btw! :)
    Stop by when ya can!