True Love Is Not Blind

True love is not blind.  It can see most clearly, for to truly love is to see and know and be aware of a person’s flaws - however great or small - and still choose to love them.

True love is indescribable.    

But if I could try painting pictures of it, it'd be something like this...

True love is not only loyal, it's respectful.

True love is thinking of more ways to love them and not even minding if the love is reciprocated or not. 

True love is compromising on things that you never thought you would.

True love is being happy when they are happy simply because their smile brings you more joy than being happy yourself.

True love is a sense of peace that you get at just the thought of them.

True love is asking yourself 'Do I really love this person?' in the middle of a fight with them...and saying 'Yes' every time.

True love is not about making the person a better human being, but challenging them to be a better version of themselves.

True love is being the utmost vulnerable because you know you will still be accepted unconditionally.

True love is when he is all sweaty and smelly from working hard but you love to hug and kiss him anyway.

True love is when she broke out really bad, is on her period, and acting very grumpy, but you think she's still the most gorgeous human being ever.  And you drive to the store at midnight just to get her some chocolate and flowers.

True love is sticking by that person's side even when it gets hard - and it always will.

True love is walking beside them during difficult times in their life.  And being willing to carry them during the most painful times in their life.

True love is not being ashamed to talk about your newfound person all the time, to anyone who will listen.

True love is remembering the details - rather big or small.  It's about remembering the location of the first date, what she was wearing, how his hair was styled, what she ate, what he drank, the first time you called him 'babe', the first time you kissed her.

True love can seem invisible some days.  Especially those days when you're at odds with your significant other.  They continue doing things that annoy you to no end.  They don't seem to change.  They don't seem to care.  But true love is trusting...and knowing that what they've told you is true.  They love you too.

True love isn't about being monumental.  Words don't mean much when it comes to love.  But love can be summed up pretty well in just being content in the pure assurance of knowing that they are yours.


“I don’t think love is blind.  True love is probably the most clear-eyed state of being there is.  Maybe you’re right.  Maybe with true love, you see and you love anyway…”
- Marisa de los Santos, Love Walked In

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