6 Struggles Girls With High Standards [For Herself] Can Relate To

1)  You sometimes think you don't need any help and are tough enough to handle a situation.
It takes a lot for us to admit that we need help.  We're strong individuals, who have confidence, and people know this (and even compliment us on it!).  So when we actually have to ask for help, in our minds, it's as if we're getting on our knees, crying and begging for assistance.  Not cool.

2)  You are constantly raising the bar, not only for yourself, but for others as well.
We don't settle and we can't stand it when other people do.

3)  To you, 'good' can be - and usually is - the opposite of perfect.
Basically, when something is 'good', it's just a settlement, not a goal that was reached.  And this is hardcore FAILURE in our eyes.

4)  You sometimes forget that pain is part of life.
But when we embrace it, it's like the reality of it absorbs into our flesh and we become stronger because we admitted to a weakness.

5)  You absolutely hate the word 'bored'.
One of our biggest pet peeves is when people are complacent and are constantly complaining about how their lives 'aren't exciting enough'.  Or when you ask them what they're up to and they respond with, 'Nothing.  I'm bored.'  WELL THEN GET UP AND DO SOMETHING.

6)  You sometimes find it difficult to not point out how people can do and be better.
We see potential everywhere.  This can be a strength and a weakness because, for example, we are more often than not very optimistic creatures...but we also give way too many chances.  There needs to be a healthy balance of encouragement but no, you can't walk all over me when I do encourage you.


  1. I think I can relate to all of these things!

    1. ::thumbs up:: This is the kind of comment I like!

  2. I definitely identify with all of these!!! This semester has been one of pride-breaking and help-seeking, and my self-esteem has taken a big hit because of it ... in actuality, though, that's probably a good thing! :-)

    Blessings to you!
    ~ Vicki

    1. God is good and faithful through it all. Thanks for your comment, girl. Blessings to YOUn