Everyday Blessings // 39

>> having encouraging conversations with customers
>> submitting a manuscript
>> planning a surprise party for one of my sister's birthdays (above pic is from that day)
>> writing my Christmas wishlist
>> cherry pop tarts
>> my newest movie poster (Jurassic World, because Chris Pratt)
>> new jeans from American Eagle that fit perfectly
>> unplanned movie nights with a bestie
>> discovering new rap artists (and absolutely loving them)
>> White Chocolate Blackberry mocha
>> starting a new Bible study
>> buying my ticket to Peru!!
>> inspiration
>> girl nights
>> fresh, clean towels
>> ordering pizza at my work
>> scratching things off my bucket list
>> Young Living essential oils
>> a new blog design is in the works!
>> Green Tea London Fog
>> daily encouraging verses from dear friends
>> the relief of admitting to not being okay
>> making new memories
>> three fundraisers planned for the Peru trip
>> starting a new book
>> actually having time to read
>> this autumn weather
>> today is day #39 of my sabbatical


How has your October been so far?  Anything you're looking forward to in these last couple of weeks?


  1. You and you sister look like twins?! Y'all look gorgeous! Beautiful faces! I love your blog and, you are such a blessing and encouragement to me! Praise God for Ms. Raquel!


    -Anya S.

  2. That's awesome you submitted a manuscript and are going on a mission trip to Peru! I also went on a mission trip there a few years back, and I loved every minute of it!

    1. Thanks! Really? Which part? What ministry did you go with?

  3. Mmm, I totally second you on American Eagle jeans, and fresh towels, and spontaneous plans with friends. And you seriously can't go wrong with PopTarts!

  4. Once again, this is a lovely post, Raquel. Someday I *need* to buy some new movie posters. I used to have a video store about 10-15 minutes from me that sold them for a $1 (though they were just one-sided, I didn't care), but it's closed now. *sad face* Now I have to get them on line for a lot more. Depending on the movie, they're worth it though. ;)