It's Good To Be Strong; It's Okay To Be Weak

I am a naturally strong person.  And because of this, it takes a lot for me to admit that I am ever weak.

I don't let things get me down easily.  I always want to BE strong, too, and it's difficult for me to admit when I'm not, or when I can't be, or when I need help because I can't be strong on my own.

I have been told many times that people consider me a very strong individual.  Someone who can stand on 'their own two feet' and 'not let life get the best of [me]'.  And sometimes, when I'm struggling with not being strong enough, I feel like I would let those people down.  That they would look at me as 'not as strong as they thought' I was, and that I would be a disappointment.  A failure.

Telling someone that I am struggling is a big deal to me.  It's serious.  It's against my nature.

And I realized, recently, that just the fact that admitting I'm not strong is a weakness in my character.

I write so often about being human and being real.  Yet sometimes, it's so difficult for me to chew and swallow my own words.

To be strong is a good thing, don't get me wrong.  But when being strong is such a focus in your life, and when you are tired and weak but still not willing to ask for help in carrying your loads of emotional burden, then it can be unhealthy.  And you can grow in bitterness, weariness, and even depression.

I guess I'm writing this post more for myself than for you all.  It started out as a journal entry and then just grew into something not counterfeit, not normal and I wanted to share it.

I also want to remind you all that being weak is okay.  It's okay to tell your parents, your best friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend - 'Hey.  I'm not okay.  I'm not strong right now.  I need you to help me.'

It's good to be strong...but it takes a truly strong person to admit they're weak.

'People cry, not because they're weak.  But because they've been strong for too long.'


Listen to this.