Music Monday | Interview with Nehemiah

Since being on my sabbatical, I have been listening to only music specifically termed 'Christian'.  Well, that's been a little difficult, to say the least, because I am very picky when it comes to quality music.  But through the LORD's leading, I stumbled upon a fairly new artist.  His name is Nehemiah. And he is now one of my favorite rappers.  I may or may not have his music blasting when I'm at the coffee shop.  Just sayin'.

I hope you enjoy this interview I was able to have with him.  

Thank you so much for being willing to share some of your story with us, Nehemiah!


Raquel:  At what age did you start rapping? Did it come naturally to you or was it something you really had to practice at?
Nehemiah: I started rapping around age 10.  It wasn’t anything serious; it was just something I loved to do.  I’ve been rhyming words my whole life so it kind of came naturally, but I still continue to practice everyday.  I feel there’s always room to improve and I don’t think I’ve reached my full potential yet.

Raquel:  What side of your family do you get your musical talent from?
Nehemiah: Both.  On my mom’s side of the family, everyone at one point in their life, was either in a band or a singer in a choir.  My dad was in a couple bands growing up.  Still to this day he continues to write music and play the guitar.

Raquel:  Do you write your own lyrics?
Nehemiah: Yes, this is actually my favorite part of being an artist.  I use a lot of what I’ve gone through to help inspire others.  My lyrics come from my heart and hopefully, they can encourage the listener to keep going even when it seems hard.

Raquel:  My two favorite tracks of yours are ‘Turn Out Alright’ and ‘Remember Him’.  Can you tell us a little about the inspiration and message(s) behind those songs?
Nehemiah: The song “Turn Out Alright” was probably my favorite track on the EP.  There was a lot of hurt that my friends were going through.  I wanted to let them know that even when they’re going through a tough time, from their past or present, that tomorrow is a new day and everything is going to turn out alright. 
“Remember Him” was me telling people, even if they don’t remember my name, I hope that they remember my Jesus.

Raquel: When did you start working on your first EP?
Nehemiah: I started working on “Remember” in January of 2015.  I worked on it day and night, right up until the day of recording the project.  I wrote about 30 songs for the EP, but I had to narrow it down to my six favorite.

Raquel: When can we expect to hear new music from you? April 8, correct?;)
Nehemiah: Haha! Yes April 8th is when my debut album will come out.  I also have two singles coming out before then.  I have a Christmas single and I’m also going to be part of a compilation album that I’m really excited for!

Raquel: Does your album have a specific theme to it? Where did the inspiration come for the tracks?
Nehemiah: Yes, the theme for the album is Freedom.  The inspiration is coming from a very lonely place my friends and I are at. There have been constant things we’ve had to battle and you’ll hear a lot of the hurt my generation is going through in the songs.  It’ll come together at the end of the album to where we find out how we can overcome.

Raquel:  What is the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?
Nehemiah: The one thing I want the listener to take away is that I really mean everything I say.  When I say “I believe in you” and “I don’t want you to quit”, I truly mean it. 

Raquel: If there is one thing you could tell someone who aspires to become a recording artist, what would you say to them?
Nehemiah: I would tell them to not quit.  If making quality music was easy, everyone would do it.  It takes time, so don’t get discouraged if it seems no one is listening.  Keep going!  You have no clue what your music can do for someone!

Raquel:  Who are some of your inspirations? And are there certain artists you'd like to collab with or feature on your tracks in the near future?
Nehemiah:  Lecrae and Andy Mineo are the two main inspirations, musically. They’re two people I would like to collab with in the future, but I like collabing with artists outside of my genre as well. I would love to do something with For King and Country at some point.

Raquel:  Do you have any tours scheduled? What are some cities you'd really like to hit?
Nehemiah: At the moment I don’t have any tours scheduled for the “Remember” EP, but the tour my team and I are planning for the spring/summer months is going really well.  I can’t share the cities yet, but I’m very excited to announce where I’m privileged to go in the spring time.  I don’t have a specific city I’d like to hit, but I really like to travel so wherever God has me go, I’ll go.

Raquel:  And in closing, can you share with us a favorite Bible verse?
Nehemiah: My favorite Bible verse is John 3:30 - 

“He must become greater; I must become less.”


Official website: http://nehemiahartist.com
Facebook: Nehemiah
Instagram: @nehemiah.heckler
Twitter: @nehemiahheckler
YouTube: Nehemiah


  1. He's very talented, and it's beautiful to see how he uses it for our God's good. Wonderful interview, Raquel- it's been forever since I visited your blog and I regret that.

    -T. x

    1. I agree;) Thanks for stopping by! Do visit more often <3