Everyday Blessings // 40

>> this mug I received to review for an Etsy shop (giving one away on my Instagram btw)
>> being supported in my decisions
>> getting purple highlights in my hair
>> making a new friend
>> house-sitting
>> reuniting with the band and working on the set list for our upcoming show
>> sleepovers
>> New Girl
>> frost in the morning
>> getting my first professional manicure
>> cozy beds with cozy comforters
>> everything being set for Peru (you have no idea how excited I am to leave...)
>> new boots
>> late night cheese, grapes and bread snacks
>> Bollywood movies
>> serene mornings alone
>> experimenting with new drinks at work
>> planning road trips
>> reconnecting with a best friend
>> new eyeshadow from e.l.f.
>> my sister finding a favorite lip gloss that I thought I had lost
>> running into customers outside of work
>> the Peanuts movie
>> playing violin again
>> chocolate, peanut and almond granola bars


Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!  I pray your holiday is blessed and you are surrounded by the ones you know and love.
And you can bet your whole turkey dinner that Christmas music is beginning TOMORROW.

How did you celebrate your Thanksgiving?

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  1. So. Cute. Those purple highlights look like fun and of course, who doesn't enjoy Bollywood movies!? :D I really like the Pride and Prejudice version done in Bollywood style.