8 Reasons Why To Date Someone With High Standards AND Low Maintenance

To start things off, who wants a boyfriend or girlfriend who is constantly nagging you, asking where you're going, who you're with, what you're doing, what you're going to do, why you didn't invite them to the movie, etc.?

Yeah, nobody.


Who wants a boyfriend or girlfriend who made you pursue them because their standards were so high because they want to date someone they trust and because they trust you, you won't constantly be receiving nagging texts and phone calls?

Yeah, me.  For sure.  Right here.

So basically, individuals with high standards but who require low maintenance are the best people to date.  (Me, for example.  Just kidding.)

Here are a few more reasons you should date one of us:

1)  We base our relationship on the passion, not the feelings.
Feelings can change with the wind.  Passion is life-long.  We don't care about symbols, Facebook relationship statuses, public displays of affection, or how often you say 'I love you' in front of others. We just need to see, sense, and know that the connection we have is real and genuine.

2)  We care about what matters, and know how to get over what doesn't.
We won't bicker over who does the dishes or cleans the toilet or vacuums the bedroom (just so long as you're carrying your weight, you know?).  But we won't let important relationship based matters slide by unnoticed.  Besides, little arguments about insignificant things usually mean that there are deeper underlying problems going on.

3)  We don't need extravagant gifts or elaborate dates.  Just make them thoughtful.
Honestly, I would rather be told to change into whatever I wanted to wear, be given a single rose, order my favorite take out food, and watch a favorite movie in a fort made of pillows in our living room...than dress up for a fancy dinner downtown.  Sure, there are special occasions for that.  But how much cheaper would it be to just stay home and snuggle?  It's thoughtful too, when the man remembers what I like or prefer and actually DOES it.

4)  We are best in a relationship when we are most comfortable being around you.
This goes hand-in-hand with the last point.  It would mean more to us if you told us how hot and gorgeous we look with shower hair, no makeup and oversized clothes, than when we make an effort to actually look attractive and that's the ONLY time you compliment us.  Quality, not quantity.  Genuine, not fake.  Often, not rare.

5)  We don't nag.  But if we see something wrong, we will be blunt and tell you straight up.  
If we continue doing this, it isn't considered nagging.  It's considered 'Wake the heck up and see that this is a real issue!'

6)  We don't expect you to never make us mad, we don't expect you to always do the dirty work, we don't expect perfection.  
We just ask that you're considerate of our feelings, fair, and act accordingly.

7)  We are level-headed, think with our brains, know what we deserve
...and likewise, what you deserve too.

8)  We are extremely loyal and trusting.
If you gain our affection, it means we trust you.  And if we trust you, it means you've reached our high standards.
Don't screw this up.  We don't have to tell you every single name and background of every single person in group we're going to see a movie with - even if the majority of them are guys.  And girls, he doesn't need to explain to you about the girl who commented 'Hey hottie' on his profile picture.  You're dating an attractive person!!  They are going to get noticed!  This isn't a competition.
They're with you.
If you truly trust them, then get over it.
If you don't, then get out.

Here's The Thing About Being a Writer

Being a writer isn't as romantic as some people may think it is.

We're not always perched comfortably on a window seat, in a cute outfit, drinking a cup of coffee and our hair is done perfectly.  That's just not reality.

Being a writer is about nitty gritty hours of the night, staying up late to finish something you've been working on all day.

Being a writer is about commitment and sticking to what you've been trying to write even if your brain think tank is on empty and you're frustrated.  And there may be tears too.

Being a writer entails erasers and the 'delete' button.  We write, we edit, we criticize our thoughts on paper.  It happens.  But don't let the editing be longer than the writing.  And don't always allow yourself to reword things.  Sometimes, the best way to say it is the first time you do.

Being a writer means you need to accept the fact that you will get rejection and criticism.  And that's okay.  You will NEVER always have fans.  You will have haters too.  And that's actually a good thing.  Why?  Because it means that you're a unique individual with your own way of thinking and your own way of writing and some people just don't like it.  Or as Winston Churchill once said: "You have enemies?  Good.  It means you've stood up for something sometime in your life."  And in this case, it's yourself.  Your thoughts.  Your writing.  And that's a wonderful thing to stand up for.

The thing about being a writer is that every experience in life affects you and your writer's heart.  You keep everything locked up inside until a time when you feel you need to, you must write about it.
Every person, circumstance, place, smell, feel, taste, conversation, song... Everything is held in your thought case, your memory jar.  And someday, you'll go back and sift through them all.  And you will write.  Some will be difficult to pen, others will come easily and freely because you need closure, you need to let your voice be heard, you need to get a message across.

Don't ever apologize for your words.  Think before you speak, ponder before you write.  But when you finally do, never say 'sorry'.  Because why are you apologizing for something your heart wants to say?  Speak and write freely.  Being a writer is about inscribing your heart onto a piece of paper and making something that was only felt in your brain, able to be read and felt by the world.

So be warned, human souls.  For whenever you come in contact with a wielder of words, you will most likely end up being a victim or a hero in one of their proses.  And if I were you, I would choose the latter.

15 Struggles Every Tall Girl Deals With

1)  Finding the right pair of jeans
Something long enough, but that fits our waist well too.

2)  "Gosh, you're tall."  
Really?  I didn't notice.

3)  "Are you gonna get any taller?"
I just don't really see the reasoning behind this question...

4)  "Do you like being this tall?"
Sometimes, yes.  Sometimes, no.

5)  "Do you play basketball?"
Just because we're tall doesn't mean we're into sports - most specifically, basketball.

6)  Cute dresses on other girls are cute shirts on us
It's true tho.

7)  Getting yelled at when we wear high heels
"You're tall enough already.  Why are you wearing heels?"  Because I freaking feel like it.

8)  Shaving our legs takes longer... (no pun intended)
For reals.

9)  Needing to duck, squat, or bend over in photos so your head doesn't get cropped off
The struggle is real.

10)  When in public bathrooms, being careful not looking over the sides or the doors because they're usually short enough for us to see over.
Oh my gosh, some public bathrooms are made for midgets.

11)  Being taller than 99% of the guys we know.
And this especially sucks if you've vowed to not date/marry a guy who's shorter than you.

12)  Having to 'slow down' when walking with our friends
Cuz, you know, their short legs can't keep up with our long strides.

13)  Hugs.  Sometimes.
Enough said.

14)  Having to crouch in some showers just so we can get under the shower head.
This sucks #1 - because everyone loves showers, and #2 - because everyone wants to enjoy standing under extremely hot water...but this proves a bit difficult when you're a tall girl.

15)  Baths.
Out of the question.