Dance With the Shadow | a poem

It's okay to think back on those memories
Just don't let the darkness of the past creep up on you
And envelop you
You, like everyone, will have good memories
And bad memories
Of the past
Their shadows will dance before your eyes at the most unexpected moments
You'll see something
Hear a song
Smell a scent
Walk into a building
And be flooded with the memories of a time
Not too long ago
When you were there
With that specific someone
And you won't be able to reach for their hand anymore
You won't be able to hug them
Or kiss their lips
But you'll only have the dark shadow of their ghost
And you can dance with it
But only for a moment
Because they aren't the reality anymore
The reality is that you did the right thing
For yourself
So dance with the shadow
But don't let it pull you back in
It's a memory
Nothing more
Let it play out
And let it fade away.

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