Resolutions of 2015 & 2016

Well, it's that time of year again.  Crazy how quickly it has flown by.  Are you ready for 2016?  What are some of your plans to celebrate?  Do you have any resolutions for this next year?

Here was my goal list for 2015:

  • learn Russian
  • try to get published
  • support a ministry outreach monthly
  • work - and hopefully complete - my non-fiction manuscript
  • do a sugar free diet one month
  • keep a consistent Blessings journal
  • read the Bible through in a year

  • And this is my status of the resolutions, as this year draws to a close:

    - I have begun taking Russian classes, but have not fully mastered the language.
    - I was asked to be the co-founder and production manager of Brave Magazine, and was also published on Thought Catalog
    - With the change of jobs (and pay check amounts), I was not able to commit to supporting a ministry outreach every month.  But I did volunteer a few times, and sort of count that as my tithe.
    - Alas, my non-fiction manuscript is still in the works...
    - I did a sugar and chocolate free diet for...ALMOST one month.
    - I was pretty consistent with my Blessings journal.  I plan to do better this coming year, though.
    - I did not read my Bible through in a year.  Instead, I took book by book and read them over and over again for one month each.

    My 2016 resolutions are as follows:

  • become more consistent in daily prayer
  • be brave and actually, legitimately, move somewhere
  • take more spontaneous road trip getaways
  • yoga (my family bought me a purple yoga mat for Christmas so I have NO excuses)
  • finish 'I Cannot Fathom'
  • try getting my poetry published
  • ---

    Happy New Year, peeps!  May this next one be filled with many incredible journeys and memories.

    P.S.  I'm in Peru, as you're reading this... :)


    1. Happy new year Raquel! Those are great resolutions, hope you get to accomplish them. I also got a yoga mat too! I hope to do yoga at least once every day. :)

    2. Happpy New Year to you, Raquel! By the way, what's going on with brave? You guys haven't post anything for like three months :(

    3. Ooh, trying to get published is a great goal. That's what I would LOVE to do, too. But for 2016 my goal is just to finish editing and stay consistent with blogging which so far is going well. :D