10 Ways To Scare Off A Guy

The following tips are news flashes to the girls who mean well, but are actually scaring guys off.
You're doing it all wrong, ladies, and maybe if you simmer down, you can find some love.


1.  Not giving him space.
So he's out with the guys?  Let him have a dudes night.  Don't call him 25 times.  Don't text him 58 times.

2.  Oversharing.
Because, let's face it, there are just some details that don't need to be spoken of.

3.  Being a drama queen.
Seriously.  He probably doesn't want to date a 20-going-on-5 year old.  He wants to be a boyfriend, not a babysitter.

4.  Over-complaining.
There is always gonna be something not going well or right and you just need to get it off your chest.  About your work, your parents, your siblings, your relatives, your dog, your cat, your makeup, your hair, you life.  But don't overdo it.  Know where to draw the line.

5.  Pushing for more.

6.  Talking incessantly about past relationships.
They're gonna come up, sure.  Memories will surface and you blurt out something about Ex #3 before realizing it.  But there are mistakes like that, and then there are continual talks and episodes about Ex #1 and #2 and #4.  Just don't.

7.  Saying 'I love you' too soon.
This scares guys into thinking that ohmygoshshewantstogetmarriedalready, when in reality, if you've only been seeing each other for a couple weeks, chances are he probably isn't considering marriage quite yet.  Let him make the first move on that one, okay?  I mean, unless, you've been dating for 4 years already.  Theeeeen, I'd say go for it.

8.  Being unreasonably jealous.

9.  Not eating.  
Eat food, okay?  Don't nibble.  Don't become a vegan overnight.  Be confident in who you are, what food you like, that you CAN actually stuff your mouth with a Chipotle burrito in front of the hottest guy you know.  Just don't look like a pig and use a napkin and you'll be fine.  I've heard - from multiple guys! - that a girl who eats well and healthy and has a good appetite is 'a huge turn on'.  So, I mean, c'mon, ladies.

10.  Being high maintenance.
Always asking him to buy you the newest fads.  Always wanting him to go shopping with you.  Always asking him to do things for you.  And making sure he knows that you're going to be like this for the rest of your life.  You need attention and gifts and to be spoiled.  And you make sure that you get the point across to him.

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