Handwritten Letters

One night,
I stumbled upon some old letters.
Memories came flooding back.

I've decided that I have a love-hate relationship with handwritten letters by the way.

I love them because of how old-fashioned they are - and when someone takes valuable time to write one to me, it's just super special.
But sometimes, when that person isn't in your life anymore, you kind of want to get rid of the memories that are entwined in the words of their letters.
And that's where the hate comes in because no matter how hard you try, you can't bring yourself to place the letters in the pile of 'garbage'.
Because they're not garbage.
They're memories.

And memories are not easily disposed of.

So the letters tend to be kept.
In a box.
Tucked away.
Deep in a closet.
And next time I reorganize my room, I'll find them again.
And the memories will start all over again.
And I'll probably write about it...


  1. I moved last November and went through a very similar experience of going through old photos, letters, and memoirs. Some of them were painful reminders of failed friendships, relationships, and to be honest I wondered why I held onto some of them. But like you said, as painful as they can be, they are important because they are memories. And memories remind us who we are, how far we have come, and who we are not anymore. I know someday we'll open up these boxes and look at those handwritten letters and smile because they are not as painful to read anymore, we have come so far since then, and we are thankful for the reminders of what it took to bring us to where we are now.

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  2. I wish I had stumbled upon that post three years ago, before I got rid of those letters some guy wrote me. Turned out, his cousin wrote them for him (I know, pathetic) and the poems were really great, I just had a hard time having them around because of the intention behind them. So I threw them away, but sometimes I remmeber some lines and I kind of get nostalgic (and prideful because a guy did write me love letters one day XD)

  3. I went through a breakup years ago and threw all of her letters in the garbage, and I regret it so much more now that she has passed away. I miss her because she died, and the letters she left me to remember her by are probably burned up by now. As Bulgakov said, "Manuscripts don't burn." They might physically burn, but you remember them. Never throw away letters.