6 Differences Between The Right Guy & The Wrong Guy

Example #1 - 
Mr. Wrong is the one you make excuses for.  So he didn't stick to his plan, he told a white lie, he didn't follow through with his commitment, he got a little mad over something insignificant... Well you aren't perfect either, so give him a second chance.  Or three.  Or four.
How about no?

Mr. Right is the one you don't have to necessarily make plans with or write out a detailed schedule with because you just assume that you'll be together because honestly, there's no better place than in each other's presence.

Example #2 - 
Mr. Wrong makes you feel insecure about yourself.  You always have to look good for him.  He doesn't encourage you to be better.  He just expects it of you.

Mr. Right inspires you.  And you never have to wonder if he loves you, thinks you're beautiful, or what he likes about you because he is always honest and verbal and makes it a point to tell you.

Example #3 - 
Mr. Wrong demands your attention, will make you feel bad if you don't make time for him, and appeals to your caring, affectionate, womanly side when he wants you to pamper him.

Mr. Right understands that you have a life outside of him.  You have friends, you have a job, you have things you need to do, a family to visit, a busy schedule.  You do make time for him, but it's not necessary to be together 24/7.  If he does need your attention or time with you, he will let you know in a decent and mature way.

Example #4 - 
Mr. Wrong is an extremely physical guy who honestly, sometimes makes you wonder if he's only in it for what he can get from your body.  If you ever have the slightest inkling that this is true, you have every right to bail.

Mr. Right is someone who - whether touchy-feely or not - you know he loves you for more than your body.  Why?  Because he communicates it.  Through his actions and in his words.  BOTH of those need to be on the scale.  Actions speak louder than words.

Example #5 - 
Mr. Wrong is the complacent, everyone should love everyone, no real backbone sort of guy.  He doesn't stand firm on any beliefs.  His morals are in the grey area.  And he does whatever makes him happy.  Whatever 'feels' good.

Mr. Right has strong morals, a good work ethic, can defend what he believes - and will, at any given moment.  He believes in doing the right thing, even when it's not the easiest or most comfortable.  And he will always challenge and encourage you to do the same.

Example #6 - 
Mr. Wrong doesn't love Jesus or pursue to be a godly man.

Mr. Right does.