Advantages To Wearing The Color Black

1.  Dirt doesn’t show up on it easily

2.  It’s easy to wash

3.  Goes with anything

4.  Classy

5.  Can be worn at any time of day/season/event

6.  Doesn't show sweat

7.  Always looks sophisticated without being loud

8.  Professional

9.  Easy to match with all the other black pieces of clothing you own


Comment more advantages and reasons that YOU wear black!


  1. Yes!!! I love this quick post... I think I wear black to often honestly

  2. I have been wearing black more and more. The nice thing about black clothes is that it's easy to find comfortable black outfits that are still very professional.

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  3. Love this! Yes, you put it all in a nutshell. It can also be super striking yet still classy to pair with a bright pop of color -- like a black skirt with a turquoise fashion scarf, or a black top with a hot pink skirt. Besides, the one other HUGE thing going in its favor -- it's slenderizing. Yay! ;D

  4. You forgot to mention how slimming it is! And it goes so well with thick eyelashes.

  5. Black is a favorite. Though I don't wear it ALL THE TIME, I do like it for some of the reasons you mention. Above all, it IS indeed classy. :)