Erratic Prose [at 1 a.m.] | edition 3

I've decided to start a series of wordiness.
I realize I already have my Everyday Blessings posts, but I also [sometimes] tend to ramble about the most bizarre and random topics.  And in the past, when I have published this content, readers seemed to be fascinated by them - 'because I seemed more real'.
As I've already written a couple posts entitled something with 'wordiness', this will be my third installment.

I hereby dub the series - Erratic Prose.


One of the best tips for writer's block is simply this:

Just start writing.

Write about anything, anyone, any place, any time.

So that's what I'm doing.  Because I am grossly suffering from that afore mentioned syndrome.

It's 1am.  The whole house is quiet and serene.  Outside, it is raining.  And the seals on the docks are barking rather loudly tonight.
Everyone is asleep, except me.  I'm laying in bed, comfortably cozy underneath my freshly washed flannel sheet and four blankets.  (I may or may not be cold this wintery night.)  The friends I was texting have all fallen asleep on me.  I just looked through a '100 perfectly timed photos' article that I somehow stumbled across.  I have 8 tabs open on my laptop.  All of them are inspirational articles I want to refer back as I work on a myriad of blog posts.  I have over 20 drafts.  Horrible, I know.  I promise I'm working on them.
I am eating a bowl of granola, that contains strawberries and blueberries.  Rather delicious, if you ask me.
I'm really missing Peru tonight.  And continually praying about going back for the New Year again.  I already have three other people interested in going back with me.  So we'll see what God does with that.
Today marked the first day of a three-day weekend for me.  With no work.  That's like the first three-day weekend without work that I've had in...I think I could safely say...6 months.  It's been crazy working two jobs, seven days a week.  Thankfully, they haven't been 8-hour days, but close enough.  And it's been exhausting.  Plus I haven't been sleeping too great either.  Sure, okay, Netflix doesn't help that problem at all, but I can't really help it.  I finished New Girl and am currently obsessed with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Parks & Recreation.
What did you think of the Grammy awards earlier this week??  I didn't get to watch all of it because I was driving back from Eugene that day.  I went down there for a college preview day.
Oh my gosh, guess what??  The production on the second Guardians of the Galaxy began a couple weeks ago.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  Star Lord is my Marvel crush.
I really, really want to get into making some vlogs for you all.  I don't know where to start though.  Should I ask you peeps to ask me questions that you want answered?  Or should I just prattle on about some random topic?  Would my audience even WANT me to start a channel?  I have no idea.  You should comment and let me know your thoughts.

About that, and about anything.

How are you?
What have you been doing this week?

Share some erratic prose with me!

P.S.  Here's a selfie from Valentine's Day. #redlipstick


  1. Hi! It's Sean. Figured I'd weigh in with the glamorous life of a dad.
    Last night I picked up my youngest from play practice (the older daughter went to play with friends) and her and I went to the Fluff for dinner and listen to a very talented performer. I should have taken note of his name. I was really impressed! Got home, walked the dog & cats, worked out then waited for the wife to get home from her second job (she likes working like you do;). Watched her soap with her and when it was over, she switched over to recorded Judge Judys. I can only take Judge Judy in small doses - actually the cases are what annoy me most. I bailed and headed out to the living room to flip back and forth between the Jimmys. Couldn't keep my eyes open and decided to give up the futile effort of staying up. I don't know why, but I feel that I need to stay up late on weekends in an effort to get my money's worth. But I also love sleep. Quite the conundrum!
    Slept in till 8 - WOO! Walked & fed the dog & cats ("the girls" as I've come to refer them). Made an appt to get the brakes on my pickup fixed and here I sit... Watching Duke and Louisville. Glamorous!
    I hear ya about Netflix.

    1. I love how you took the time to read my blog and comment something so lengthy!:) You're the best.

  2. Nice! Erratic prose makes for a great read!
    Vlogs sound like a great idea! Can't wait for those... maybe you should do a little poll to find out what people would want to see? :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'll have to put up a poll. Thanks for the idea!