I didn't want this to end

   I walked to the room I was staying in to grab a hoodie. I had spent the night at a family friend's house after a bonfire they'd hosted the night before. And this September morning was kind of chilly.
    I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my hair needed some help. Letting my messy bun down, I shook my hair out and felt pleased with the messy waviness. A knock sounded on my door.
    "Come in."
    "Oh sorry."
    I looked to see who stood in the doorway. It was him.
    "Oh hi. What's up?"
    "I was supposed to come tell you that breakfast is ready."
    "Oh okay. Please tell your mom I'll be down soon."
    Just his presence made me feel flushed. I'd known this family for years but this son had just recently come back from deployment. He was like a totally different person. And apparently, I was really attracted to him.
    I raised an eyebrow at myself in the mirror. He was still standing in the doorway. I looked at him, expecting him to leave. Instead he leaned into the room a little more, hand on the doorknob.
    "Yes?" I asked.
    "Are you wearing any makeup?"
    Oh gosh, do I need it?  I thought.
    "Uh, no..." I answered quietly.
    "Damn. You're beautiful."
    I felt the flush really start to creep into my cheeks.
    I looked down and smiled. "Thank you."
    I didn't know what to do now.  Just stand there?  Walk past him out of the room?  Breakfast was ready, right?
    Instead I remembered why I had originally come to the room, and turned to grab a hoodie from my bed.
    He was still standing there.
    "Is there something else you needed to tell me?" I asked, facing the mirror again.  I was about to slide my hoodie over my head when I caught sight of a little white stain.  I turned my back slightly towards the mirror to get a better view of it.  It looked like a smudge of dried paint.
    Probably from painting the porch last week, I thought to myself, remembering that I had worn this shirt that day.
    "Uh, no," he finally answered. "What's wrong?"
    He must've seen my slight frown as I tried reaching the paint smudge on my back.
    "I can't reach that little stain," I said, my arm bent awkwardly behind me.
    "Here," he stepped fully into the room and walked towards me. "Where?"
    "Right there," I pointed, barely able to reach it.
    I felt his finger on my back and realized too late that it was near the area that I was extremely ticklish.
    "What is it?" he grinned slightly.
    "Your back just arched a little."
    "Oh, it's nothing.  My back is a little sensitive right there."
    I looked away, hoping to hide the excitement in my eyes at him being so close to me.
    "It's fine. Never mind." I gently pushed his arm away with my elbow and stepped back, quickly put my hoodie on and walked to the door.  He was right behind me, and closed it before I could get through.
    I turned. "What now?"
    "You really aren't wearing any makeup?"
    "I told you I wasn't. Oh wait! I put a touch of mascara on."
    "Nothing else? None of that powdery stuff to cover up blemishes?"
    I put both hands on my cheeks. "Oh gosh, no I didn't.  Gee thanks for making me all self-conscious now. Why? Do I need some?"
    He put his hands over my own on my face. "No, not at all. You're flawlessly beautiful."
    He leaned his forehead against mine and my breath caught in my throat.
    "Thank you..." I whispered.
    Oh gosh, he was attractive.    
    "You're welcome," his deep voiced whisper answered back.
    My lips parted, wanting to speak, but instead, his lips filled mine. The feeling of his warm touch sent a charge through me, all the way to my fingertips, still resting underneath his.  I gently pulled them away from my face and rested them on his chest instead.  He began to kiss me softly, but searchingly.  He seemed to have taken my move as a sign of approval, instead of my weak attempt to push him away. But screw that idea. 
    I didn't want this to end...