You Were My New Year

As I was recounting the past year, I realized that all the memories I held closest to my heart were ones that contained you.  Your words, your smile, your touch.

We were inseparable.
A unique bond.

And even though you have slowly faded from my life
Not by choice, but by demand
There is one thing that will never change:

You were my new year.

When we first became acquainted with the others' existence - exactly a year ago today - it was as if two sparks met and started a flame.  Together.  And that flame burned long into the year.

Everywhere I turn, every thing I touch, every thing I wear, every song I listen to...
Everything holds a memory.

I can still hear you.
And see and feel you.

I can still taste your mouth on my lips.

It hasn't faded.  Even after a year.  I still feel the whole zoo trampling in my stomach when I see your face or hear your name.  Not just butterflies.  Because you were more wild and mesmerizing than to make me feel just butterflies.
You were a raging ocean of magical waves, a sky full of starlit diamonds.
And when you looked at me, nothing else in the world mattered.
Absolutely nothing.
I was content in just watching the way you held my gaze and the way you looked at me and knowing, with absolute certainty, that you loved me and I loved you.  And that was enough.

You were my new year.

And you were the best one I could have asked for.


This was a random little piece I wrote before the beginning of 2016.  I should've posted it a month ago, but figured better late than never.  Hope you enjoyed it:)


  1. I've got tears in my eyes... This is so beautifully written...
    And you know..? I feel this way too .. almost everything that's been written but then for my best friend who passed away 6 months ago...


    1. Aww <3 I'm so glad that it touched you. Thank you! And I am so sorry about your best friend:(

  2. This is so beautiful, I even got teary eyed. <3


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