5 Tips On Writing Letters To Your Future Wife

Believe it or not, there are some guys out there who are writing letters to their future wives and saving them to give to her when the moment is right.

One such guy emailed me recently, telling me that he had read my 5 Tips On Writing Letters To Your Future Husband article and was wondering if I would write one on tips for guys who are writing letters to their future wives.  Needless to say, I was pretty impressed by the mere fact that he does that - let alone that he wanted 'tips' on 'how to'.  So here is what I came up with.

Ladies, feel free to comment anything that I failed to mention and I will consider adding it to the list.


1.  Things You Look Forward To
[Pretty much] every girl's heart flutters when a man expresses things he'd like to do with her.  So tell her what some things are that you're looking forward to doing together - whether going to certain places, seeing certain sites, fun date ideas, etc.  Oh and don't worry about being too sexual.  This is your wife you're writing to.  Spice things up!

2.  Family Talk
There's nothing more attractive or sexier than a man with a baby.  Am I right, ladies?  So men, feel free to talk about having babies with your lady someday, having little ones running around the house, taking them to the park and looking like a perfectly hot family because you and your wife will make cute babies.  Write to your wife about your own childhood memories, or some traditions that you would like to start with your own family.  This will show her that you care and desire to raise a family with her someday.

3.  What You Love About Her
Even though you may not know who she is yet, you know that you'll love her.  You may not be able to name extremely specific things about her physique or personality in your letters, but that shouldn't stop you.  You will love her eyes.  You will love her voice.  You will love her kisses.  You will love waking up next to her in the morning.  Tell her so already.  You know how insanely special she'll feel that you even thought of those before meeting her?

4.  Prayers
Prayer is the biggest weapon we, as Christians, have.  Use it, even now, to protect your marriage and build a wall against the enemy.  Exercise your leadership as the future spiritual leader of your wife and family and pray for them even now.  Pray for your future wife.  Pray for her spiritual growth, for her protection, for her job, her education.  Pray for the moment when you two meet.  Pray for your time dating each other.  Pray for your wedding day.  Pray for your marriage.  Pray for your future children.  Writing and recording these prayers will be something beautiful to look back upon and see how God heard and answered them.

5.  Date Her
Even after marriage, you're still going to be dating your wife.  You'll always have something new to learn about her.  There will always be those new habits you'll discover about each other.  Tell her about yourself in your letters.  These will be great conversation starters for later in marriage.  And don't worry about trying to impress her.  You're already married to the woman.  Be authentic.  She's already chosen you.
Also, flirt with her.  Just cuz you're married to her doesn't mean you stop pursuing.  Be playful, be flirty, talk about fun after-marriage things you can do together.  Need some help with how to write about that?  Check out the incredibly beautiful - and one of the sexiest - books you'll ever read, the Author of romance Himself included it in the Bible - "Song of Songs".  It's pretty darn amazing.  And I'm sure it'll give you some pointers.

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