About My Short Romance Stories

I was recently accused of portraying love and romance as something from a fairytale through the small love stories that I write and publish here on my blog.  I thought I would take a moment and clarify.

First of all, I always appreciate when readers take the time to comment and share their opinion on what I write.  It really is taken into consideration - as far as how I am coming across.  And everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  If you don't like what I write, then you don't have to read it.  If there's something about it that you think is morally wrong, do let me know and we can discuss our convictions.

Secondly, the romance stories I write aren't meant to portray 'love'.  They are simply scenes.  Not life pictures.  Who said anything about the two characters being in a relationship because that specific moment happened??  I certainly didn't.  
Anyone who has been in a relationship, knows that love is hard and relationships are difficult and that cute little romantic moments don't ALWAYS happen.  I think we all wish they would, but that's just not reality.

The reason I write those little stories is simply because of what I say on the 'The Romance Corner's page:

"As I'm sure you'll agree, there is a sad lack of clean romance in today's fictional world.  Being the romantic that I am, sometimes I feel inspired to write something cute and romantic and share it here on my blog."

Plain and simple.

So please don't read them and think 'Raquel knows nothing about love or relationships.  She thinks they're all about romance and loving on each other.'  Just know that they're my writer brain spilling some love story material that just needs to be written and read.  And I love knowing people enjoy my little stories too!

P.S. Oh and in answer to a rather common question from readers - yes, some of the stories I write are fiction.  

But some of them aren't.

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