I Wonder, You Wonder | a poem

I hope some day you'll find something that used to belong to me
Something that I gave you as a keepsake
To remember me by
And I guess it worked
Because there you are
Looking at it, holding it
Thinking of me
And I hope you wonder if I still drive those same roads we used to
Or if I still murmur in my sleep
Maybe you'll even wonder if I still have that shirt
The one you loved to see me wear
Maybe you'll wonder if that song we used to call 'ours'
Still makes me think of you every time it comes on the radio
But even more importantly than that,
I wonder
If you'll ever wonder
If I still wonder about you
And what used to be
What could have been


  1. ..... Love this. It's so deep and sweet at the same time. You wrote about something I think about a bunch. What I wonder is if the person I'm going to spend a lot of my life with wonders about me and if I wonder about them. <3 I loveee this so much!


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